Monday, 24 October 2011

My First Photo Shoot

As I woke up on Sunday, October 23rd 2011, I was a huge ball of emotions. It was the day of my first photo shoot, featuring my clothes and the antiques of Miri Antiques (Berlin, Germany. I'll include the website address at the end). I was so happy and excited because I would finally get to see my clothes on models and not my dress forms, but I was also nervous because I haven't met any of the models beforehand and I was afraid that some of my dresses wouldn't fit.

As I press and pack the clothes, shoes and other accessories, I keep in mind what the two girls look like (I have been staring at their comp cards the night before) and I try to match up what each of them would wear. I also make sure that I have the supply kit on hand for any last minute things. I was full of nervous energy and my mind was racing all over the place.

As I arrive at the location, my stomach gets all knotted up and fear starts to set in. There was also a lot of anticipation to make this happen. I get to the front door, take a deep breath and let adrenaline take over. As I walk in the store, I'm amazed at all the things I see. The antiques were awesome and the guys that work there were pretty awesome as well. Everyone was very nice. I fell in love with two Union jack chairs that were placed at the front door (I will be checking out the cost. They would look amazing in my studio).

The makeup artist was working on the girls, while the photographer and art director were setting up the rooms for the shots. I laid out the clothes and I was ready for anything, armed with pins and my quick wit. The first model (Laura Sophia) was done with hair and makeup, so it was time to dress her. I put her in the white dress with the Marimekko ruffles.

It was a little big on her, so I had to pin it a bit in the back, but it was cool, because the dress looked really good on her. She looked absolutely amazing (I'll post the pics once I get them back from the photographer). One thing I didn't realize about all of my dresses was that they were shorter that I thought. Let's just say that I am quite glad I told the girls to wear nude undergarments.

The second model (Charleen) was done with hair and makeup and I picked out the Asymetric Yellow, White and Black dress with One Sleeve. She also looked absolutely amazing (I know I'm using that word a lot!!)!!! I also had Laura Sophia change into the Orange 80's style dress with Multicolored Ruffle. We had them take shots together and then separately. The whole theme was a neo rich elegance, like new rich heiresses in the old family home, relaxing. The hair and makeup was in a neo-geisha style.

At this point, the shoot is hitting it's stride and I'm running around all over the place, putting jewelry on the girls, moving furniture and cracking jokes with the art director and the photographer. I'm also joking around with the owner of the store. He's joking with me about the great mood that I'm in. I'm just having fun and seeing my creations come to life on the girls and it was the most amazing feeling. I hope that I never get tired of it.

The one really emotional moment that I had and that I will carry with me forever happened as we were doing the last shot of the day. I had Laura Sophia in the Royal Blue Cutout Cocktail Dress and Charleen in the Royal Blue Cocktail dress with the Ruffle Collar. Seeing them come out of the dressing room was the most breath taking moment. Everyone gasped at how amazing they looked. The models LOVED the dresses. I was speechless!!! At that moment, I realized that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. This is my calling.

After I took this shot with my phone, I had to leave the room and cry, because these were the two dresses that I wanted to work so badly and they worked ten time over!!!

At this moment, I have to take this time to give thanks to some amazing people. This would have never come together without the amazing talents of all of you:

Shel Fuller: You are an AMAZING art director!!! No matter what, you manage to surprise me all of the time. Laughing with you kept me at ease and made this the most memorable and fun experience ever!! We have to work together more often. I promise to make some menswear pieces, so we can do a menswear shoot. I love you so much!!!

Maurice Luckett: You are the most AMAZING photographer!!! It was an amazing experience working with you. Laughing with you also kept me at ease (even when I did get in the way of the shots) and made this the most memorable experience I've ever had as a designer. We've gotta do this again and like I promised Shel, I will make some menswear that you can rock. Don't worry, I won't steal your reflector lol!!!!

Bella Herzblut: You are a PHENOMENAL make up artist. You've created the girls that I wanna dress!!! You and your assistant (love his smile) captured the essence of the vision. I can't thank the two of you enough for all that you've done. I can't wait to work with guys again!!!

Charleen & Laura Sophia: You both have breathed life into my creations and I can't even begin to tell you how honored I am to be in your debt. You were the girls that I wanted to create for. I apologize that a lot of the dresses were shorter than I expected, but you worked with it and made it AMAZING!!! I look forward to working with you again!!

Christian Schwarzer & Miri Antiques: Amazing location and amazing furniture!!! I loved that all of you were so gracious in letting us in and combining our world with yours. Thank you so much for everything!! Christian: I'll get you a ton of Kool Aid when I go to New York!!! Just get me a good deal on those Union Jack chairs at the front door!!! ;)

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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