Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The MTV Video Music Awards

Nothing says the end of summer like the ultimate awards show. Last night was the MTV Video Music Awards. Although the original music video channel no longer shows videos (just tons of really shitty reality shows), this show is always such great fun for the music industry.  This year it was held in the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY (my hometown)!!!!!!

Musicians have an interesting sense of style, so this will be a fun post for me.  I'll tell you all of the ones I liked, the ones I didn't like, and the ones I'm on the fence about. I may not have all of the designers listed, but as I find them, I will update. Let's get started.

One of the looks I like a lot is Rita Ora.  She is signed to Jay Z's label and she's shaking up the charts in the UK and soon, she will be shaking up the charts in the States.  Now, I will say that this gown is a little over the top for the VMA's,  but it's absolutely gorgeous and she is totally serving up the glamour!!! The gown is by Alexandre Vauthier Couture.  Edgy and glamourous is the perfect description of this gown!!! Hell, even I want this gown!!!!!
Rita Ora in Alexandre Vauthier Couture

Rita Ora in Alexandre Vauthier Couture

The next AMAZING look is Taylor Swift in Herve Leger by Max Azria.  Totally serving up old Hollywood. She looks so much like a woman here. Absolutely stunning!!!

Taylor Swift in Herve Leger by Max Azria

Another AMAZING look is Ciara in Givenchy.  This gown is very feminine and ethereal, so it softens her somewhat hard edges.  She is totally serving up the glamour in this look.

Ciara in Givenchy

Ciara in Givenchy

Ciara in Givenchy

This look is Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro.  I've seen this look before (on Coco Rocha at the Met Ball, but a longer version) and I loved it then.  Still love it, although a lot of the other lists didn't like it so much.  I just didn't like the grill she had for "Roar".

Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro

Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro

Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro with Richard Simmons

Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro

Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro

Coco Rocha in Emanuel Ungaro

Coco Rocha in Emanuel Ungaro

This look I absolutely LOVE!!!!! it's Jennifer Hudson in Christian Dior.  Simply gorgeous!!! It fits her so well and it's perfect for the VMA's.  Serve it up, Jennifer!!!!

Jennifer Hudson in Christian Dior

Here is another couple of looks that I liked a lot.  This is one of my favorite singers, Robin Thicke and his beautiful actress wife, Paula Patton.  This is one couple that always looks amazing together.  I don't know who designed their looks, but I had to mention them because they always look like they are having so much fun together.  I even liked the suit that he wore onstage to perform with Miley Cyrus (are you kidding me??) and 2 Chainz.

Robin Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton

Robin Thicke

Now, here are some looks that I'm on the fence about.  The first look is Holland Roden in Naeem Khan. Love the top and the pants, but the overskirt is a bit much.  Makes the outfit look heavy.

Holland Roden in Naeem Khan

The next look is Nikki DeLoach.  I don't know who did this dress, but as gorgeous as she is, this dress ages her.  Yes, I know she is pregnant, but it looks like her grandmother's nightgown.  I'm on the fence with it, because I think it should be shorter.

Nikki DeLoach

The next few looks are looks that I really don't like. These looks are simply horrible!!!! The first one is Miley Cyrus.  I really don't know what to say about this look, except that this look expired in 1993.  Unless she is going to a rave in the middle of a field, this kind of look should never see the light of day.  If she wore some cool pants with it, I would have been easy on her.  Serving up a 90's look with a 2013 spin on it would be hot.  Serving up a 90's look in 2013 like it's 1993, not so much. Even the high end Dolce & Gabbana look on her is horrid!!!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in Dolce & Gabbana

Miley Cyrus in Dolce & Gabbana

Miley Cyrus in Dolce & Gabbana

The next look is Lady Gaga in Prabal Gurung.  Is is me or does she look old in this look??? Like Morticia Addams old???  She looks like she just came out of a coffin.  The whole look is about as fun as a mass funeral.  I expected so much more from you, Gaga.

Lady Gaga in Prabal Gurung

Lady Gaga in Prabal Gurung
The next look I really don't like is Lil Kim.  Don't know who did this look, but her stylist should be fired and given a Brooklyn style beatdown for putting her in this.  The only thing I like about this look was her shoes. This look completely baffles me!!! It's bunching up in the hip and crotch area and the fabric does her no favors. Kim, you always served up bombshell, even when some of the looks missed the mark, but now you're serving up the old shell of a bomb.  What happened????

Lil Kim

Another look I don't like is Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family" in Marchesa.  Love her shoes. Hate the dress.  She is serving up "Swashbuckling Wench" or "Pirate Queen".  She's gorgeous, but this dress is horrid!!!

Sarah Hyland in Marchesa

This look is J-Woww from "Jersey Shore".  Pretty dress, but this ages her.  She looks like a cougar chasing all the young musicians. For a beautiful young woman who (I hope) has become more mature, she shouldn't look so old.  This is like a dress your aunt would wear to a wedding or bar mitzvah.

J-Woww fro "Jersey Shore"

The next look is reporter, Deborah Norville. She looks like she was caught at the supermarket buying milk and eggs and then realized that she was going to the VMA's.  I always believe that you should make an effort, even when you're not on camera.

Deborah Norville

The last look is Snooki from "Jersey Shore".  Beautiful woman, but she looks like a stripper in Vegas in this dress.  You are married with a child!!!! I thought you put away your old wardrobe!!!! Guess not!!!  I've seen you look better with less!!!

Snooki from "Jersey Shore" and her husband

Snooki from "Jersey Shore"
Well, this was my take on the VMA fashions.  Let me know what you think!!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The September Issues- Part One

As we drift into mid August, I come across the first batch of the most important issues in the fashion magazine calendar. The September Issues are always the issues that set the tone for the Fall/Winter season. I just got the British Elle, British Vogue, British GQ, and British Harper's Bazaar. This is gonna showcase a lot of the trends and campaigns that are getting the attention this season. Let's get started!!!
September 2013 issues

As in every magazine, there are always many different looks.  Some looks are showcased more than others, but they each get full coverage on the streets and in their own way.  The first look that I'm totally in LOVE with is the rebel look/new punk look.  Tartans, studs, chains and safety pins totally rock!!!! This is for the girl that is all about being edgy and tough.  Love it!!!!!

Loving this new Versace campaign!!!! Hell, even I want the dress Kate is rocking!!!!

The next look is all about Grace Kelly in every capacity.  From icy Hitchcock-ian blonde to Princess of Monaco, she is a woman of grace, beauty, style and mystery. The elusive Princess will have a biopic, starring Nicole Kidman coming out sometime soon, but you'll have to do with the interpretation of Grace by Angela Lundvull, one of my favorite fashion models.

The next look is all about menswear and androgony.  Menswear fabrics, boyfriend cuts, slouchy blazers and brogues. It's the masculine look with a feminine touch.  This is a look that can work anywhere, at anytime casual or dressy.

Now, in menswear, it's all about looking sharp, totally flash, sexy and masculine.  Saville Row is always the point of reference when it comes to suits, so with the new crop of suits on the market, EVERY man can look absolutely smashing!!! It doesn't matter if you're going to work, or going out with the guys, if you look hot, you will turn heads!!!

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz in Prada campaign

One of my favorite male models, Alex Lundquist in the Boss campaign.

One of my favorite male models, Alex Lundquist in the Boss campaign.

Love this D Squared campaign!!!!

I know I shouldn't, especially how I can't stand to see men in fur coats, but I am LOVING this coat and LOVING this look!!!!!

Well, this is what I got from the first batch of the September issues of the British magazines!!!  My next post will be about the September issues of the American magazines.  Love this time of year!!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!