Thursday, 22 August 2013

The September Issues- Part One

As we drift into mid August, I come across the first batch of the most important issues in the fashion magazine calendar. The September Issues are always the issues that set the tone for the Fall/Winter season. I just got the British Elle, British Vogue, British GQ, and British Harper's Bazaar. This is gonna showcase a lot of the trends and campaigns that are getting the attention this season. Let's get started!!!
September 2013 issues

As in every magazine, there are always many different looks.  Some looks are showcased more than others, but they each get full coverage on the streets and in their own way.  The first look that I'm totally in LOVE with is the rebel look/new punk look.  Tartans, studs, chains and safety pins totally rock!!!! This is for the girl that is all about being edgy and tough.  Love it!!!!!

Loving this new Versace campaign!!!! Hell, even I want the dress Kate is rocking!!!!

The next look is all about Grace Kelly in every capacity.  From icy Hitchcock-ian blonde to Princess of Monaco, she is a woman of grace, beauty, style and mystery. The elusive Princess will have a biopic, starring Nicole Kidman coming out sometime soon, but you'll have to do with the interpretation of Grace by Angela Lundvull, one of my favorite fashion models.

The next look is all about menswear and androgony.  Menswear fabrics, boyfriend cuts, slouchy blazers and brogues. It's the masculine look with a feminine touch.  This is a look that can work anywhere, at anytime casual or dressy.

Now, in menswear, it's all about looking sharp, totally flash, sexy and masculine.  Saville Row is always the point of reference when it comes to suits, so with the new crop of suits on the market, EVERY man can look absolutely smashing!!! It doesn't matter if you're going to work, or going out with the guys, if you look hot, you will turn heads!!!

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz in Prada campaign

One of my favorite male models, Alex Lundquist in the Boss campaign.

One of my favorite male models, Alex Lundquist in the Boss campaign.

Love this D Squared campaign!!!!

I know I shouldn't, especially how I can't stand to see men in fur coats, but I am LOVING this coat and LOVING this look!!!!!

Well, this is what I got from the first batch of the September issues of the British magazines!!!  My next post will be about the September issues of the American magazines.  Love this time of year!!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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  1. Loving the Rebel Rebel, punk boots featured and WHO is that black Paul Smith model. I'd like one to go bitte!