Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Getting A Good Picture of German Fashion

Hey there, everyone!!!!

I'm the kind of designer who gets inspiration from many things, so to get some inspiration for my first set of designs for my line, I decided to hit the streets of Berlin. I'm also making a big leap from doing womenswear to menswear, even though my line will consist of womenswear and menswear. I got some pretty good inspirations to start my sketches.

I was walking around Wittenberg Platz earlier and I looked at all the different store windows (KaDaWe, Puma, Adidas, H&M, Desigual, and others). I started things off by looking in the windows, seeing what was in there that could jump out at me. Being that I used to do visual merchandising (that's another story for another entry), I was always looking for something that I can work another way, like seeing something (like a top) in an interesting color and deciding to create something totally left of center(like furry legwarmers, for instance) but workable with what I saw in the window. A lot of the stuff in those windows were pretty safe, but they were looks that you would always see. I started looking for some interesting stores (H&M can be pretty interesting sometimes) and checked out what was there. I liked what I saw there and got inspired with a few different color combinations. The one thing that I would say about some of the windows I saw is that men will wear it the way they see it in the window. I want to inspire men to take a chance on something crazy and making it work in his everyday wardrobe.

I got on the bus to make my way home and as I was riding along, I checked out the guys on the bus, checked out what they were wearing and how they were wearing it. I also checked out guys out the windows, walking the street. Most of the guys were either dressed in work clothes (very blue collar and sexy) or very dressy (office workers or sales associates from KaDaWe). There were even guys that were very casual in jeans and sneakers. Everyone looked amazing, with really hot, trendy haircuts. That got me started in sketching out a few things once I got home. Hopefully, one of the sketches will start the process of shaping the line.

It was a pretty interesting ride today. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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