Sunday, 11 July 2010

Berlin Fashion Week 7-10-10- An Experience

As I relax at my desk listening to music, I reflect on this year's Berlin Fashion Week. It was my first one where I got to see a lot of different things. I got to see what the German designers are doing in terms of high fashion, ecological (green) fashion and how their trade shows work.

I registered to every single event I can get information for and planned each day down to the minute.

The first event I went to was the Bright Tradeshow for Streetwear and Skaterwear. I was totally overwhelmed by all of the different sneaker companies (I have a sneaker fetish of the worst kind), but loved every minute of it. It gave me some ideas for some streetwear inspired pieces (slim fitting casual button down shirts in interesting colors and prints). The trade show went on for three days and I checked out two of them. I will include some sketches for my streetwear inspired pieces soon. I also got a ton of reading material (different magazines devoted to skateboarding and streetwear)which may inspire more designs. A lot of the streetwear companies featured a lot of green or enviormentally friendly fashion. There were lots of shirts made out of hemp or natural fibers as well as all kinds of cottons. I'm not sure where I can find those fabrics here, but I am looking for them.

The next event I went to was in Kreuzberg at Catwalk Enterprises. I saw a few really interesting fashion shows there. My favorite designer from the shows I saw is Anett Rostel from Berlin. Her clothes bridges the gap between ready to wear and avant garde. Everything was mostly black, but it can work with whatever you already have in your closet. Her show also gave me some ideas and I will create some sketches for those as well.

The other designers that I saw there also had some interesting designs. One was Stefan Reinberger, His collection was very Indian inspired. I didn't love everything, but there were pieces that I thought were beautiful. It looked more like bridal wear, but it was gorgeous. I had some styling issues with Stefan, though. On one particular model, she was wearing a beautiful lace gown with a low back and a lot of detailing there and she had long hair. If the detailing of the gown is on the back, then put her hair in a bun so you can show it.

The designer that came after him was Andreas Trommler. His style was very rock and roll, which I love!!!!! His collection inspired the glam rock star within me and I'm sure that those things will show in another bunch of sketches soon. There were things like sequin shin guards, sequin knee pads, sharp shouldered jackets (they reminded me of Bryan Ferry and David Bowie), leggings and tapered pants. I went crazy for a lot of the looks because I'm all about the glam rock theme.

I also had an opportunity to check out the Premium trade show. It was huge!!!! I was surrounded by all types of luxury goods and high end fashion. I loved it!!! I got a ton of ideas from a lot of the things there, mostly when it came to accessories. I also loved a lot of the menswear there. European men are not afraid of color, because all of the menswear like blazers, shorts, jeans, and shirts came in interesting shades of yellow, red, electric blue and interesting shades of green. A lot of it was very glam, but very luxurious.

My experience with Berlin Fashion Week 7/5 - 7/11 2010 has been quite interesting and inspiring. I came away with a lot of great ideas to put into my own line. I will put up the sketches as i do them and I will also make it my business to make it cohesive.

Until the next time, stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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