Monday, 4 October 2010

Project Runway - The Halfway Point (or a little further than that)

As I edit down some sketches and prepare to do some more, I want to take a moment to write about my favorite show, "Project Runway".

As season 8 reaches the halfway point, the challenges are becoming more interesting and for some of the designers, a little more difficult. They are (the designers) are really starting to pull out the big guns with their creativity. The challenges where they are pulling out all the stops are also some of my favorites. They are:

The Unconventional Challenge- Create a garment using supplies from a party store.
The Sportswear Challenge- Create a sportswear look inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy.
The High Fashion Challenge- Create a high fashion or avant garde look and its ready to wear counterpart.
The Group Challenges- Create a resort line (Groups of 6), Be the others sample maker (Groups of 2).
The HP Touch Challenge- Create a print based on your memories from your family photos.

At this point in the show, you usually can see who will make the final three, but it's anybody's game at this point. Some of the designers who came in with a lot of big talk and trashing some of the other designers have been eliminated and the underdogs that are not as skilled are stepping up their game. One thing I do know is, I'll be watching along with you. If I had to choose who I think the final three will be, I believe they will be Mondo, Gretchen, and Christopher. Either way, I wish all of the designers luck and I hope for all the best to those that are eliminated.

Stay fabulous and glamorous!!!

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