Friday, 26 November 2010

On To The New Things

As I congratulate Gretchen for winning "Project Runway-Season 8", I shed a tear for Mondo, who I thought would win and notice that there is a new season of "The Fashion Show" with Isaac Mizrahi and Iman (last season it was Kelly Rowland).

I watch the first two episodes of "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection" (that's the new name with a new concept) and was blown away. The first season followed the steps of "Project Runway" ("The Fashion Show" was created because they lost "Project Runway" to Lifetime). This season they flipped the concept and turned it into group challenges. The 12 designers are broken up into two teams of six (two houses: House Of Emerald and House of Nami). Each house must create a collection based on a challenge. The winning house will be safe from elimination. The winning look from the winning house, the designer will get an extra hour of work time and 500 dollars to go towards fabrics and notions for his/her final collection. The losing house would have each look judged by the judges and one designer is eliminated.

Each designer I have seen is a working designer, either working for their own labels or for other companies. There is a lot of amazing talent on the show and there are some standout personalities and a couple of divas, so this makes for an interesting mix. The concept showcases what goes into creating a fashion line and the fashion show to present that line. It's interesting to pull back the curtain and see how the magic happens.

Watching "Project Runway", "Launch My Line" and "The Fashion Show" has given me all sorts of ideas and I've even used some of the challenges as springboards to test out my skills. I've been doing a lot of sketching and sewing and most of the stuff I've done is posted on my Facebook page. Ive also been doing a lot of sketching and I hope to include some of these things soon on my blog.

Until next time, stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


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