Thursday, 9 December 2010

Getting Crazy Fashion Inspiration From The Blogs

As we're about to end the year, I decided to do some hunting for some more inspiration, other than the usual staples for me (magazines, streets, nightclubs, bars). I got on line and started checking out a few different fashion blogs. I also did it, so I can get myself on a schedule to put up a new post more often. I found a lot of inspiration from the three blogs that I'm gonna discuss this time around. In each of these blogs, it was either the dialogue or the pictures that moved me.

The first one that completely rocks my world is "Individuality" by Joey Ma ( He chronicles his everyday looks and his looks when he goes out (which are wild and AMAZING). There's an interview there done by another fashion blogger which fills you in a little more about him. He's from Hong Kong (a place I would love to go to so I can check out the fashion). He's very soft spoken and he seems pretty cool. I would love to meet him and create something for him.

The second one that blows my mind is "NewMaleFashion". This blogger has a lot of interest and he showcases interesting things about menswear. It's far from conventional, but it's all amazing. This is where I wanna go with my menswear. I wanna do some drapey things, with high heels, skirts, kilts, everything totally avant garde (well, not everything but quite a bit). I go to these two sites to really get my creative juices flowing.

The third one is "Lookbook.Nu". This one is mostly pictures of guys and girls all over the world in different types of clothes. I mostly look at this site to see how people wear things. No one wears certain things the same way, so it's always interesting to see how they put a spin on something. This site has given me ideas, even for my own wardrobe.

My goal now, after 2 years living in Berlin (my German is still horrible, but I'm learning) is to really start injecting my avant garde and club kid ideas into my fashion for men and women. My photo albums on Facebook (Eric Farr is the name, My Clothes & My Clothes 2 are the albums) show what I can do. Now, I'm gonna take it a step further. I'm also gonna start creating some avant garde pieces for myself. Those will be here and on Facebook, so watch this space; It's about to get crazy.

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


  1. Hahaha! I'll try it... I try to stay fashionable and sexy haha!
    Fashion designer!? Where is the best place to study design in New York?
    And why the people who is from Brooklyn, say it, and not New York...?!

  2. I want joey shoes, haha.

  3. Thanks for the follow,following you back. Nice blog XOXO

  4. Well, to answer your question, Malu, the best places to study fashion in New York are Parsons, Fashion Institute of Technology and at the Art Institute of New York. Like most art schools, they are quite expensive, so be prepared for it. Usually I say New York when people ask me where I'm from, but then they ask again where in New York because New York City is pretty big.

  5. I think its very interesting that you put as one of your fav. blogs. I think the blog is founded on a great idea, but after joining it, within a wk I decided it was not for me. All the Hyping, Fanning and whatnot just took me back to the American High School I never (thankfully!!) went to...