Friday, 26 August 2011

Work In Progress

It's been a little while since my last entry. I've been quite the busy bee. In between doing the research for my blog and catching up on my fashion magazines (I just have the current ones to get through before the major September issue of American Vogue comes out), I've been working on putting together some menswear pieces. I've been designing and creating womenswear, but I've been asked quite a bit if I design menswear. I can do a few pieces here and there, but I haven't actually sat down and put together a menswear line yet. I want to do it in the future, but right now I'm gonna focus on womenswear.

I've also been working on a couple of thing, both are still in their early stages, but I have to mention them. For one, a few of my pieces will be featured in a photo shoot. The shoot will take place in September (hopefully before I go to London Fashion Week). Here are the pieces that will be featured:

The first is a royal blue cocktail dress with a ruffle collar. It started off as a simple plunging neckline, low back, short dress but it needed some drama, so the ruffle collar came in. It was my first piece ever with a ruffle. I'm very proud of that dress and every time someone sees it, I get really good, really big responses.

The second piece is a white cocktail dress with a Marimekko ruffle on the shoulder and waist. It's another dress that I'm very proud of and I can't wait to see it on a model.

The next couple of dresses are very interesting because at the time I made them, I was still practicing on my machine, trying to get back in the groove of sewing after not doing it for a long time. The fabric is a sheet (or duvet cover with matching pillowcases) that I liked the pattern of from Ikea (inspiration can strike anywhere- EVEN IKEA) and I've combined them with red and black cotton to come up with these two dresses. One has red triangle detail and one strap and the other has red stripe detail leading up to a triple strap/single strap dress.

I'm most likely gonna work on a couple more pieces or redo them for this shoot. I'm trying to bring in some cohesion, so it looks like more like a line and less like random dresses. I'm also gonna get (or create) a few accessories to go with them.

Another thing that I'm working on concerns my menswear designs. I'm not exactly sure what I'm gonna do yet, so I may try out a few things and see what sticks. I'll try out a few jackets, button up shirts and see what works. A friend of mine in Amsterdam mentioned a store that was looking for edgy menswear and he passed on my name and email address. I'm dying to get my stuff in a store, so I have to get back to him as soon as I possibly can. Let's just say that all of this will keep me busy for a bit!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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