Sunday, 11 November 2012

Belstaff: A Heritage Brand Steps Into Today

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that although Harley Davidson is the preferred motorcycle of choice, Belstaff is the preferred outerwear to ride that bike. I'm loving that this 88 year old company is stepping into the apparel market aggressively. It has always been a luxury leathers company and it still is, but now there will be a fashion side to go with it. With Ewan MacGregor wearing the jackets on his many motorcycle outings and in the advertising, you can bet that this company is making sure it hits all the marks.
Belstaff is an English luxury outerwear brand founded in 1924 in Longton, Staffordshire. Their main claim to fame was creating all weather jackets for motorcyclists and being the first company to use waxed cotton. They also created gloves and goggles for the burgeoning aviation market. In the 1980's, Belstaff branched out to include golf wear. The 1990's were tough on them and they had to close a couple of factories, making the output much smaller and more exclusive. In June 2011, Belstaff was acquired by the Labelux Group and the are working hard and aggressively to transform the brand. Bally is also owned by the Labelux Group. Belstaff had a show during Fashion Week in New York, making sure that New Yorkers know who they are. The inspiration for the womens collection was vintage luggage and the romanticism of travel. Spring 2013 never looked so good. Here are a few shots from the show.
The menswear collections were shown in Italy. They are determined that you know their name. Luxury Personified!!!!
Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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