Thursday, 22 November 2012

Disco Inferno

As much as the 70's gets made fun of and derided by many people, it did produce some interesting things, fashion and music wise. The music became more funky, more socially conscious and more sexually aware. Pride in all capacities were shown through and through. Discos were turning up everywhere, turning ordinary people into stars and fashion getting much more daring. Platform shoes, strappy and very high stilettos, glitter, sequins, beads, and colorful polyester that doesn't wrinkle and keeps you looking good, even though the fabric didn't breathe, so you would sweat like a whore in church. These are some of the things that define the disco era. The music would throb and the disco was the place to see and be seen. I get a lot of inspiration from the disco era, because I was child in the midst of it. I loved all of the easy glamour that disco provided. The clothes were sexy and comfortable. You can look good at any price point. It was all about fun!!! Now, it has come back in a big way in the Fall/Winter 2012 collections. Color, sequins, beading and easy, but fun glamour is on the menu, so dust off your Donna Summer records and pump it as the soundtrack when you are checking out these pieces.
Prada is turning it out with the printed trouser suit and tunic, taking a cue from the polyester suits of the day. The patterns are bold, but cut for today's woman. I love all of the tunics and the dresses over pants. Also love the suits. These are pieces that can stand alone with other things in your closet and offer a punch in a look. You can do the suit jackets with jeans or a skirt and you can do the pants with killer stilettos and a tank top. Here are a few of my favorites:
Roberto Cavalli (one of my favorite Italian designers) gave us luxury at his finest here. Wearing any of these pieces to the disco will surely get your picture taken and on your way to stardom. Fur bubble skirts, painted python with huge cat motifs, beaded t shirts. These are pieces for a girl that wants to be seen. Here are some of my favorites:
Meadham Kirchhoff really struck a candy colored chord with me with this collection. Everything was so playful and tapped into the club kid in me. Wild hair and makeup and Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" as the soundtrack pumped this party boy into overdrive and I fell in love with all of the pieces. Here are a few of my favorites:
So put on your dancing shoes and let's dance the "Last Dance"!!! Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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