Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Emmy Awards

It's that time again!!!!! Another award show and it's all about the Emmy Awards.  This award show is all about television, and you know wherever there is a red carpet, there will be me serving up my thoughts on the looks.  As always there are some I loved, some I didn't and some I'm on the fence about. This will also be my last blog post in Berlin, Germany.  I'm prepping for my move to London. Let's get started!!!

First up is Allison Williams from the show "Girls" in Ralph Lauren.  Love the color of this gown. This cobalt blue or royal blue is totally the trend color of the season and this very classic style fits her to a tee!!! Ralph Lauren is all about clean lines and Americana and this gown fits that.  Minimal jewelry nails this look!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren

The next look is Jessica Lange in Escada.  Absolutely gorgeous and glamorous!!!! Love love love it!!!! Jessica is doing a gown that is sexy, age appropriate, and with the right amount of glamour.  This gown also fits very well, showing her off without giving it all away.  Love it!!!!

Jessica Lange in Escada

Another look I liked a lot is Merritt Weaver from "Nurse Jackie".  I don't know who made her dress, but I love the simplicity of it.  Gorgeous clean lines with a little shine works well for her.  This is something you would see at a wedding, but it's perfect for her.

Merritt Weaver from "Nurse Jackie"

This look is Kerry Washington from "Scandal" in Marchesa.  This actress always knows how to work a red carpet.  If she's going for classic, she nails it. If she's going for edgy, she nails it.  She knows exactly what works for her EVERY TIME!!!!!  The fit and the color are just gorgeous on her!!!!!!

Kerry Washington in Marchesa

Now, this is one look I LOVE so much!!!!! This is Sofia Vegara in Vera Wang.  This Colombian bombshell knows how to turn heads with those curves.  The red gives her the right amount of pop and it also makes sure you know that you can't ignore her.  Love love love it!!!!!

Sofia Vegara in Vera Wang.  Killer curves!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

The next piece I love is Michelle Dockery from "Dowton Abbey" in Prada.  Love the two tones and the clean lines with just the right amount of skin.  "Lady Mary" knows how to make an understated entrance with just the right amount of impact. Gorgeous!!!!

Michelle Dockery in Prada

Another piece i liked a lot is Rose Byrne from "Damages" in Calvin Klein Collection.  Beautiful color, sleek and modern. It's a perfect piece for the athletic looking girl!!! Love it!!!

Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein Collection

Here are the looks that I'm on the fence about. It could be the makeup, lack of accessories, or just a great dress but the wrong event for it. I like something about the look, but I don't love it, or it didn't work for the occassion.  The first one is January Jones in Givenchy.  For some reason, I think this dress needs something, like a dark belt or some interesting jewelry.  It's a pretty dress, but it seems so understyled.  Her scowl doesn't make it any better.  She looks as if she would rather be chopping off her own toes than be at the Emmy Awards.  Maybe she is suffering from Bitchy Resting Face.

January Jones in Givenchy

Another look is Lena Dunham from "Girls" in Prada.  I love the dress if it were shorter.. This is a very springtime looks, but her makeup looks so edgy and dark, like she should be wearing something in a dark color or even black.  This should be light and pretty, yet it seems so heavy.

Lena Dunham in Prada

This look is Claire Danes from "Homeland" in Armani.  Love Claire and love the dress, but for some reason, to me the fit is a little off.  I may be wrong, but the bodice (the top part of the dress) doesn't look like it's fitting very well.  It looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Claire Danes in Armani

This look is comedian, Sarah Silverman in Deadly Dames. Love that she went short, but this looks like one of those dresses that you get when you are first going clubbing with girls from the office to try and pick up men.  You know those girls that will "WOOOOOOOOOOO" everywhere they go, especially when they're drinking.  It fits well, but it's so clubby for this particular event.

Sarah Silverman in Deadly Dames

Okay, now usually I have a few dresses that I didn't like on these kinds of blog posts, but surprisingly there was only ONE dress that I didn't like.  It was on Amanda Peet.  I don't know who designed this dress, but it has pretty much every 90's trend attached to it (the crop top, the sheer arms, the 2 different kinds of lace). To me there was just too much going on.  Love Amanda Peet, though!!!

Amanda Peet

Now, for an honorable mention.  This is Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family" in Carolina Herrera.  Sarah has always been a close to a hit and miss for me, but this time she hit it!!!! Love this look on her!!! Very elegant!!! Way to go, Sarah!!!!!!

Sarah Hyland in Carolina Herrera.  Love this look!!!!

Well, these are my thoughts on the Emmys Red Carpet. Let me know what you think. I'm sure the lists will differ, but these are the ones that work for me.  I'd like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for reading, following, commenting and even arguing with me about my posts.  You each make my day and keep it fun for me.  I'll be moving to London in a few hours and the name of the blog will change.  I don't know what to call it yet, but it will take in my London experience and it may be packed with more stuff.  Either way, I'll keep you all posted.  Thank you all again so much for everything!!!!!

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!!


  1. Sarah Silverman: COCKtail waitress, at your service!

  2. That's exactly another thought I had about Sarah!!! Love her to pieces, but that dress was so plebian.

  3. Have to be honest, on the whole I am not loving what the actresses wore to the Emmys. Kerry W- applique looks too much like a white vintage curtain, Allison's blue gown drowns her (from waist down), Rose B needed some hips to go with that dress (but its a heavenly shade of pink), J.Jones looks too thin as well, Claire D needed some more boobs to go with a push I guess I would go for Sarah's number coz I love the black lace and shade of green....

  4. Loving reading all your opinions on the Emmy's gowns. The J.Jones look perplexed me as well... it was good but something was missing. Now I can see that if she wore some show-stopping acceessories, it would have punched up the whole outfit. Kerry Washington looks so angelic! I love it.