Friday, 24 February 2012

London Fashion Week- Part One

As I enjoy my 2 week London vacation, by checking out lots of theater, eating lots of food, drinking a lot of pints in pubs (Guinness, mostly), I also made it a point to get here to check out London Fashion Week. I got to see the shows streamed on line as trying to get into Somerset House was near impossible. A lot of the shows were fun an interesting, but all of them embody all things fashion. This entry will talk about all of my favorites for each of the days.

The first show I checked out was Antoni & Alison. They set the tone by using fall colors (browns, greens, purples) and throwing colors that really pop (oranges, reds) into an AWESOME mix. They also used fabrics that drape and move well on the body (silk, chiffon) and all of the pieces can go from a day in the office to a nice night time dinner and dancing. These are a few of my favorites in the collection:

You can check out their site at

The next show I checked out was Fyodor Golan. These guys were the winners of Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden in 2011. Their Autumn/Winter collection was an example of AMAZING artistry. The woman that they design for is bold and arty. These looks were pretty theatrical, but I loved them all. They work well in the daytime as well as the night (if you were working at a fashion magazine, art gallery, nightclub). It was hard for me to pick just five for this post, but I managed. These are my favorites:

You can check them out at

The next show I enjoyed a lot was of John Rocha. He is a designer from Hong Kong that lives in Dublin (another place I want to visit). His work combines his Japanese style with rock and roll edge. Most of the pieces are sheer and quite furry (synthetic fun fur), but very wearable. A lot of the sheer pieces would work well with tights underneath. Here are a few of my favorites:

You can check him out at

I'll be back with Part Two of this post later ;)

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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