Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Music, Fashion & Blogging: A Conversation Between Two Bloggers

Today was a pretty cool day. I got to spend time with a fellow fashion blogger that I met during Berlin Fashion Week. Her name is Biki John. I met her at the opening party for Berlin Fashion Week. I was walking around the party, looking for some interesting looks and some crazy fashion. I saw a few things and she saw a few things, including me and she took a picture for her blog. Ever since then, we've been chatting on Facebook and a few days ago, we set up a plan to meet up. She asked me to look stylish for some pics. I obliged and showed up to meet her.

As I come in and we do our kisses on the cheek, like most fashionistas, we order cheesecake and sit down to begin. We start off by talking about Berlin Fashion Week and our expectations of it. We both expected it to be overrun with fashionistas at every given moment. I thought it was pretty cool, but hard to get into as a designer and not because of the language barrier. We both understood that Berlin is really good for casual, ready to wear looks, and not so much high fashion, avant garde fashion (although there are a lot of avant garde designers here), or street fashion.

I mentioned to her that I was going to London for Fashion Week and I wanted to crash some parties. She tells me to look fashionable and follow the fashionistas because they always know where the parties are and getting in wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, getting into the shows is out of the question, but once I know the schedule, there is no harm in trying.

She asks me if I'm willing to work as a designer's assistant. I would because I need the money, the experience and the connections, so putting my vision aside for a bit so I can make some money is fine by me.

Biki is more of a journalist that has done work for a music publication in London. Naturally, after knowing that we begin talking about music. I had recently posted a comment about Madonna's Super Bowl Half Time performance and she asks about what my issue was with her. I told her, like I've told a few others that Madonna is more focused on being controversial and relevant than being creative. She agreed, although she likes Madonna more than I do. We talked about her new song as an example. We both wondered why the hell was Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. doing this song with here, especially when the song is horrible.

I also spoke about loving Leona Lewis and Adele because they were so normal, although I would love to create something a little edgy for both of them to wear. We also like Rihanna and Lady Gaga because they're willing to take chances with their looks.

We also talked about what we will do next. We both plan on going to school to learn German (I know I said that I would do it after I stop travelling) and I'm enlisting my German friends to help me out with my conversational German and I will help them out with their English. I'm also gonna get some of my pieces in consignment stores to be sold. No matter what goes down, I'll keep you posted.

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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  1. So freakn' great to have cheesecake and fashionable chats hon, you made me laugh soooooo much and in this freezing times- that's a greatly needed pleasure! And now onwards and upwards hon, and indeed, BIG THINGS POPPN' AND LIL' THINGS STOPPN'!!