Saturday, 25 February 2012

London Fashion Week- Part Two

The next show that I checked out had me screaming my head off and wanting everything in the collection!!! His name is Todd Lynn and he's from Canada. His work is all about razor sharp tailoring and androgony. I am willing to buy a few of his pieces and some heels to rock them, because they are so rock and roll. I can see Joan Jett or Chrissy Hynde (of The Pretenders) sporting his looks. LOVE THEM!!!! It was hard to pick my favorites here, but I managed:

You can check out his site at

The third day started off quite well fashion wise as there were a few more shows that I liked a lot. One of them was Twenty8Twelve. I love their juxtaposition of masculine and feminine tailoring. It's a very pretty capsule collection that is very British!! Here are five pieces I liked a lot:

You can check out their site at

This collection I LOVED a lot because of the prints and the styling. Totally wild and eccentric. The collection is by Louise Gray. Louise is from Scotland (another place I want to visit)and her use of prints are just AMAZING!!!! She's also pretty eclectic herself and I love that in a designer!!! Her Autumn/Winter collection styling reminds me of a group from the early 80's called Bow Wow Wow. Here are a few pics to see why I see that:

Peter Pilotto opened the fourth day and let's just say this is another designer that I need to get some fantastic shoes to wear with his pieces. They brought a lot of classic elements into their new brand of elegance. I'm loving the prints and colors that he is using. It reminds me of an "Aeon Flux" kind of style and is very Asian inspired:

You can check out their work at

Another designer that I'm crazy about is Michael Van Der Ham. He is from the Netherlands. I totally love his use of prints and colors. This is a designer that really knows his customer. He is all about a bold and arty woman. He does this collaging technique with the prints and textile mixing and matching. He always manages to come up with something amazing. He is also launching a jewelry collection and has created pieces for Bjork and Tori Amos. Here are a few examples:

On the last day of London Fashion Week, it is Menswear Day. This is the most biggest day for me because it gives me an idea of what I should wear as well as what kind of menswear I should be designing. My favorite show was the Topshop show (LOVE TOPSHOP). The clothes were sleek and sexy!!! Can't help but look great in anything from Topshop!!!

These should be heading into the stores soon, so check it out!!!

All pics are from the London Fashion Week website and they are simply amazing.

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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