Friday, 26 October 2012

Bond Girls- A Tribute

As the latest James Bond picture "Skyfall" opens in theaters all over the world, we celebrate 50 years since "Dr. No" premiered. With Sean Connery being the original Bond on film and Daniel Craig being the closest to the Bond that's in the books and now on film, I thought I would take this time to celebrate the one person that can never foil him, nor keep him. She is the one that can hold her own with him, yet somehow knows when to let James save her. She is always on top of fashion. She is the one that makes an entrance that you will never forget. She is the one person that EVERY actress wants to be. She is "The Bond Girl". When Ian Fleming put pen to paper and created James Bond, little did he know that he created the ultimate in masculine idols. Every boy and man wants to be in one form or another, James Bond with his many gadgets, sharp suits, and being around beautiful women in exotic locations. Unwillingly, he also created the ultimate woman as well. They were all a mixture of hard and soft, glamourous, beautiful, and amazingly smart.
Like every guy who is a fan of the Bond films, I have my favorite Bond girls. They are all the things that they are in the books, but when you flesh them out on a movie screen, they take on a persona all their own. Jane Seymour (Solitaire) is one of my favorite Bond girls (Live And Let Die). She brought a sense of regality to the role, because she comes off as quite posh, but not like an ice princess or the Hitchcock-onian ice blonde.
Grace Jones (May Day) is another one of my favorite Bond girls (A View To A Kill). She brought super human strength (those stunts!!! WOW!!!), and a real fashion edge that was never really seen in any of the other Bond films. She made the Bond girl tough and mean and she played it well. Love "A View To A Kill".
Another Bond Girl that I love is Halle Berry (Jinx, Die Another Day). No one has EVER made an entrance like that in a bathing suit since Ursula Andress since "Dr No".
The only other one was James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, who showed off a killer body when coming out of the water!! Halle was also one of the few big name actresses to get the role of a Bond girl. Most girls would make their careers by getting cast in a Bond movie. Now as a Bond girl, I loved what she brought to the role. She bought brains, glamour, and a sense of self that you really don't always see in some of these movies.
My last favorite Bond girl is the lady in the first book that sets the tone for James Bond's womanizing ways, Eva Green (Vespa, Casino Royale). She brings a style and glamour all her own that works with this, making James human. She also brought a lot of bite and threw in some Hitchcock-ian icy blondness into the mix and it worked!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing "Skyfall" and check out the new Bond girl in his life.
Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


  1. Good commentary! I also liked the Bond gal who killed men by strangling them between her thighs- way to gooOOO! Oh now you have mentioned the good, how about the darn right ugly. I.e the shaiza Bond girls erm Dennis Richards anyone??!! She showed that it took more than good looks and a killer bod to make the mark...

  2. So true that there were some bad ones. Denise Richards, (Mary Christmas) was one of them. Although she was and still is very beautiful, she was more memorable for how horrible she was in the role, than for anything else.