Monday, 29 October 2012

Bond Villans- A Tribute

As I prepare for "Skyfall" to open in Berlin this weekend and continuing to celebrate 50 years since my favorite spy appeared on screen, I thought I would take a moment to pay tribute to the ones that always had their plans foiled by James Bond. They may have died at the hands of James Bond, but they always had a hell of a ride to get to death. Only one has managed to survive and reappear in another Bond film. These guys always had the best lines and totally look like they are having the most fun, being ruthless. They are the characters that EVERY actor wants to play. They are the "Bond Villans" Now I know that no one roots for the villan, but they always keep the story interesting and the transformation to play the most unlikeable character is always fascinating to see. Here are a few of my favorite Bond Villans and henchmen.
Mr. Big (Live And Let Die)- This villan sets the tone for all of the others. He was smuggling ancient coins to fund his operation. The smuggling takes James Bond to Harlem, New York and St. Petersburg, Florida, Jamaica and Africa. The eccentricities of Mr. Big, set the tone for the other Bond villans by bringing a little crazy to the table. He trusted no one and mostly relied on Solitaire to keep his plans on track, as well as keeping his reliance on voodoo as a backup and a means to try and get rid of Solitaire as she falls for James.
Jaws (The Spy Who Loved Me & Moonraker)- This henchman is the only Bond villan who shows up in two Bond films. 7 feet tall, superhuman with steel teeth, he was a prescence that you couldn't ignore. He was a henchman for Karl Stromberg, who stole some Russian submarines and had microfilm proving it. He survives by biting a shark in the ocean and swimming to safety, resurrecting in "Moonraker". His look was typical of most henchmen, sharp suits, and clean lines, but his large frame made him loveable, because although menacing, he was a big softie.
Odd Job (Goldfinger)- The strong, silent Asian henchman with a killer bowler hat!!!! He always looked smashing in his very crisp wardrobe. He was the personal bodyguard to Auric Goldfinger. He knew how to be witty and dangerous without sarcastic lines and knew how to slip in and out of things undetected. He was quite eccentric (He ate cats!!!) and he knew karate.
Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger)- This Bond villan to me is one of the best, because he is written just like he was in the book. Auric (a world renowned gold buillon dealer) had a plan to smuggle gold from Fort Knox in Kentucky. His plan was to melt it down and put it on his car, which he never went anywhere without (how eccentric!!!). Auric was obsessed with gold in the worst way and it showed in his look (gold incorporated in his clothes and accessories, his home and office decor). He also created a nerve gas to kill of the mafia he hired to help him get the gold.
Max Zorin (A View To A Kill)- Sleek and smooth, but scary as hell, only one guy can bring this guy to life and that's Christopher Walken!! Max plans to destroy Silicon Valley to monopolize microchip manufacturing. With May Day as his personal bodyguard and lover (Grace Jones), there was nothing that he wouldn't do and nothing that she wouldn't do to protect him. He falls to his death, attacking James with an ax and abandons May Day, who kills herself in the mine explosion. His look was all about clean lines and structure and May Day totally about functional couture. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the new Bond film to open. Can't wait to see Javier Bardem bring his skills to this!!! One things for sure, I know I'll love the most unlikeable person: The Bond Villan.
Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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