Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Getting Back To Business- The "Glam Nigerian" Project: Part Two

Hey there, everyone!!!! A lot has gone on since I've last posted and I didn't present the pics from the last project (Glam Nigerian). I got a few, so I'll post those. I also have to get everyone caught up and back on track. That will be done in the next posting. Let's start off with the pics from the "Glam Nigerian" project. The shoot was a lot of fun and I've got to thank my stylist friend, Biki on her amazing work and letting a little designer like me into her world. Her vision is incredible and I'd love to work with her again!!!
This photo is of the metallic blue dress. The client wanted it to be gold, so they changed the color. Either way, the dress looks amazing on Tarah. This piece was one of my earlier pieces. It was when I was just getting back into sewing again after a long time of not doing it, because of working a regular job. This is how it looks in blue:
Here is another dress from the "Glam Nigerian" project. This one is made of the copper glittery fabric. I love this dress, although I was afraid that the split would be a little Leave it to me to make some risky pieces!!!
The last pic from the shoot, they had to turn my dress into a skirt, because the top didn't fit the model. I was afraid of that happening, especially because there was no boning or padding in it and her breasts were slightly smaller than the breasts on the dress form. This is the gold and black gown/skirt. Biki supplemented a different top, but I will also show how the gown looks.
So, these are the pieces from the "Glam Nigerian" project. It took a little while to get the pics, but it was cool. I'm still thrilled to be doing what I love. Now it's time to take it to the next level. I'm sorry I've been gone so long, but now that I've worked out a few issues, I'm back and ready to create some more. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!


  1. Looking good hon and thanks for the mention- it was great working with you too. We had a lot of challenges but like fashion pro's we hit it like Granite! xoxo