Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Berlin Fashion Week

I am like a kid at Christmas when Berlin Fashion Week comes around. I get to spend 5 days throwing myself into all kinds of fashion. I get to go to as many places that I can get to so I can see all kinds of fashion. I get to see fashion exhibits, showrooms/stores, and I get to know Berlin a little more. Berlin is full of all kinds of artists, musicians, actors, dancers, and even fashion designers, so you can get so many ideas from them. Some are good and some are not so good.
I started the first day of Berlin Fashion Week off with a bang. I had a chance to check out some African Fashion in Berlin. The event was African Fashion Day Berlin. The fashions were AMAZING. I got to see a fashion show by three designers, Adama Paris, Romero Bryan, and Nomi by Naomi. Each designer has their own take on great fashion pieces. Adama served up edgy party girl ( or Romero served up the glamorous and sophisticated woman ( and Nomi by Naomi served up the funky and colorful artist, who wasn't afraid of getting glam sometimes (
I also got a chance to chat with Nomi by Naomi designer, Naomi Spieker. I got to tell her how much I loved her work and what my favorite dress was (it was the last one where she walked the runway with the model). Even though I loved ALL of her pieces, the last piece was the one that spoke to me the most. I also spoke to her about what I do as a designer and got some advice from her. I'm working on making a trip to Amsterdam (where she is based) to check out her store. I love her concepts and I love her style. I would totally LOVE to create some pieces for her store. I've also had my picture taken a few times, because of my outfit. I wore my tartan bondage pants (that I've had since high school and they STILL fit) and a black turtleneck, serving up a more elegant version of punk.
The first pic, I am with film director friend, Giorgi and the second one I'm with stylist/writer/blogger, Biki. Love them both dearly and I thank Biki for inviting me to this event. She styled the models!!! I checked out a couple of trade fairs during Berlin Fashion Week. The first one I went to was the Bright Showrooom ( to check out some street and skate wear. They just moved to a new location and it looks amazing!!! I couldn't get pics inside, but it is a great space. They had every kind of skater sneaker and clothes as well as some pretty awesome skateboards. Some are internationally know brands (Van's, Adidas, DC Shoes) and others were smaller, but just as well known (Hub Footwear, Neff Headwear, Zoo York). They all have made an impact on the skate and street wear market. I also checked out the Premium Trade Show. This one had more higher end items and very European. Many of the designers I have never heard of, but I will be doing my research on them. Everything not only looked expensive, but was expensive. I went to the showroom of VooDoo Berlin. I missed the presentation, but I made it to the after party for a little while. They have the most amazing African inspired pieces and they have a pretty cool online shop (I will be copping a couple of those bowties). I have a feeling that my credit card will get a workout from this shop. All in all, Berlin Fashion Week was a lot of fun and I got to meet and talk fashion with a lot of people. I was tired once it was all over, but I'm back in fine form. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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