Monday, 28 January 2013

The SAG Awards

As I was catching up on some American television, I completely forgot that the SAG Awards were on, but I did get a gander at what everyone was wearing on the red carpet. Some made up for what they wore to the Golden Globes. Others missed the boat again. Here are my favorites and some of my not so favorites. The first one is Nicole Kidman in Vivienne Westwood. Now, Nicole is usually a hit or miss on the red carpet and at this moment she is a hit!! The gown fit her well and is quite edgy for her. Also Vivienne is one of my favorite designers. Kudos for hitting this one out of the park, Nicole!!!
The next one is Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior. Love the color and totally love the fit. It's very glamorous and very today. She kept it simple and let the look speak for itself. This was also a hit!!!
The next one has brought about a bit of a debate because some said it was a great, daring piece and some say that this didn't work for her and was confusing. I loved this piece a lot and it was a little edgy for her. I'm talking about Anne Hathaway in Giambattista Valli. With the combo of sheer and sequins, it was quite the edgy piece for Anne, but it looked amazing on her!!!
Here's another one I liked a lot. It's Kerry Washington in Rodarte. This totally makes up for the dress she wore to the Golden Globes. I liked it, but it seemed confusing to me. This look nails it. Classic with a touch of edge!! Love it!!!
Next up is Michelle Dockery in Chado Ralph Rucci. Love love love the sheer cutouts and the sleekness of this dress. Simply gorgeous!!!!
Another one that made up for what she wore to the Golden Globes is Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen. Now this is how a gown is supposed to fit!!!! Bombshell red, totally glam and totally Hollywood!!! You are so forgiven for that Calvin Klein dress you wore to the Golden Globes!!!!
Amanda Seyfried gave a shot of old school Hollywood glamour in Zac Posen. LOVE LOVE LOVE this gown, especially the train!!!! The detailing in this gown is simply divine!!! It looks amazing on her and she is bringing the glamour into today!!!
Claire Danes made up for her Golden Globes look. The Versace gown was gorgeous on her, but this time in Givenchy, she looks more pulled together and I'm loving the one sleeve!!!!
Another look I loved is Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior. Love the 2 color combination and the slightly higher hem in the front.
Tina Fey hits the nail on the head in Oscar De La Renta. Love that she wore a belt with this gown and it shows off her curves and gives her a bombshell sort of look. Va va va voom!!!!
Now here are the ones I didn't like so much. First up is Mayim Bialik. Love her quirky style and I'm sure the gown is quite comfortable and is better than the one she wore to the Golden Globes, I was hoping that she would wear something that would really pop for her. Maybe if it was in another color, I would be more in love with it.
The next one is Julianne Moore in Chanel Haute Couture. Love the color and the upper half of the gown. Love the fit, but I'm not loving the flower appliques along the lower half of the gown. I'm trying to find ways to like it, but as much as I love Chanel this isn't working for me.
January Jones is the next on my list. She is a beautiful woman and she can sometimes come across as a Hitchcock-ian icy blonde, but as much as I like her as an actress, this dress does her no favors and neither does the styling.
Another one who seemed like they didn't put any thought into their look is Julie Bowen. A leather gown???? Really???? She is a beautiful woman, and she's very funny but a leather gown is HORRIFIC!!!! I would expect some rapper to wear something like that to the MTV Video Music Awards.
The last one is Sigourney Weaver. I love the gown from the waist down. The top doesn't fit properly and does nothing for her.
So these are my likes and dislikes. Some of these pieces gave me some ideas and others give me a reason to run away. Either way, I'm sure there are some that don't agree with me. I love to know what you think. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!

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  1. Good review, very entertaining. Spot on with the S. Weaver content-her stylist obviously wants to jump ship and this dress selection was her 'subtle' hint...