Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Grammy Awards- The Biggest Night In Music

This blog post is gonna be so much fun for me!!!! I love music and a lot of my best inspirations for my designs come from music and theater and this is one of the shows that makes the music lover in me really smile. This post is all about the Grammy Awards. As a music lover, I totally care about all of the winners and losers, but this post will be all about the fashion. Musicians always have an interesting sense of style. Sometimes they have a hit that the world loves all over, and sometimes they flop and sink like a stone. This year, I saw some pretty interesting pieces and a lot of departures from the norm, especially with the memo that CBS sent around about what they should wear. I'll talk about my favorites looks, the ones I'm on the fence about, and the ones I totally don't like. Let's get it started!!! The one look that rocked my world is Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture. This gown ticks all of the boxes for me. Sexy, yet covered up, it offers a little peek here and there while keeping the mystery. Kelly also has an AMAZING body and the confidence to pull this off. This is an independent woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Simply AMAZING!!!
The next look that also rocked my world, is also a bit of a departure for her. It's Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello. This gown is quite edgy for her, and it works perfectly for her. She shows some shoulder and some leg but she is also quite covered up. it's also a kind of gown that's flattering to every figure. Jennifer Lopez is another woman with confidence in spades!!!!
This look I liked a lot as well. It's Beyonce in Osman by Osman Yousefzada. This is also pretty edgy for her and we haven't seen a jumpsuit on the red carpet since Rose Byrne (actress from Damages, Bridesmaids), two years ago at the Golden Globes. Love the color blocking and is quite the stunner.
Another look I liked was Katy Perry in Gucci. A lot of people put this on their worst dressed lists, but I thought this dress was AMAZING!!!!! Great color, great fit, very adult and sexy. She also rocks this with great confidence.
This look I love a lot. This is Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia. This gown is so romantic and dramatic and it fits her well. Rihanna is usually doing something edgy for award shows, but this gown is really pretty and it fits her so well.
This is another look I love a lot. This is Taylor Swift in J. Mendel. This look also appeared on the worst dressed lists, but this gown is quite pretty. It's not as edgy, but sometimes, you don't need to be edgy to be seen.
These are some looks that I'm on the fence about. These looks are the looks that if taken that extra step, would have worked, or maybe the dress would be better suited for other events. The first look is Adele in Valentino. LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele!!! She could sing the Japanese phone book and I would buy it!! I also love Valentino and I love the dress, but it screams day dress, like Republican Ladies Who Lunch type of day dress (Ann Romney, Calista Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, etc.). I will give Adele points for stepping out of her black box and splashing on some color.
The next one is Alexa Chung in Valentino Red. I love Alexa!!! She's a great model and TV presenter (She hosted a show called 24 Hour Catwalk), but this dress looks way too casual for the event. She looks like they caught her in the supermarket buying eggs and milk and they grab her and take her to the Grammy's.
Another is John Legend's girlfriend and swimsuit model, Chrissy Teigen in Joy Ciocci. She is a very beautiful woman, but this dress looks like a bunch of trends from the late 80's-early 90's thrown together (lace, crop top, sheer placements). To me, this dress does her no favors.
This one is Estelle in Genelle Brooks x Love Collins. Love the print, but I wish this dress didn't have sleeves. I have no issue with covering up, but this is a lot of cover up.
The next two ladies are wearing one of my favorite designers, Roberto Cavalli. They are Carrie Underwood (blonde) and Carly Rae Jensen(brunette). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Roberto Cavalli and these gowns are absolutely GORGEOUS (I, even want one!!!), but they both lack the boldness to pull these off. Carly serves up Wednesday Addams, but not the sexy kind and Carrie comes off too sweet to rock this. Both gowns fit well and are amazing, but these ladies are missing the attitude to take it further.
Now this part might get a little brutal. These are the looks I didn't like. Here goes.... The first is Esmerelda Spaulding. She is an amazing jazz musician and this dress is totally her style, but it would be better in a jazz club or concert stage.
The next is Faith Hill. Lovely and talented artist, but this dress looks like if she put a blazer on, she can wear it to work in an art gallery or her office job at a fashion magazine. Looks like day wear/work wear.
Next one up, Alicia Keys. Amazing artist and I love that she's taking more chances with her look and style, but I only like the top half of this look. The bottom half, although with innovative pleating at the hem, I don't particularly like. She has a beautiful figure and we're seeing more skin than we've used to with her, but the bottom half looks like she cut a whale in half and stepped in the bottom of it.
The last one is Ashanti. I love the style and cut of this dress. I'm just not feeling the flowery print. If it were a solid color, I'd love it.
Well, these are the things I loved and didn't love about the Grammy Awards. I'm sure there are some that agree with me and some that do not. It's cool. I'd love to hear everyone's take on it. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


  1. Funny how that red dress "melts" into the red carpet! Such a diva thing!:P

    Fraquoh and Franchomme

    1. Totally!!!! I thought I was the only one that thought that, but kept it quiet..lol.