Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Brit Awards: The Biggest Night in Music, in the UK

Today, I landed in the UK and was thrilled to pieces. I am always happy when I come to London. I got to go to one of my favorite supermarkets here (Sainsbury's), got a nice Indian dinner (chicken korma), got a nice Cardboardeaux (from South Africa) and I got to watch the Brit Awards. As I've said before, musicians have a very interesting sense of style and British musicians can be pretty eccentric. This is gonna be fun!!! I will talk about the looks that I like, the looks that I'm on the fence about and the looks that I totally hate!!! I love the British, but I will not be easy on them. I don't know of any of the designers of the looks, but once I find out, I will post them. Let's get it started!!! The first look I LOVED is Robbie Williams. The new father and amazing entertainer just lost about ten pounds and he looks amazing in his blue suit. To me, this guy can do no wrong and he still looks like he's having fun. The next look I loved is Justin Timberlake. The newly married pop star is now coming into his own as a man and totally dressing the part. Although I really don't like his new song, he is surely wearing the hell out of a "Suit And Tie". The next look I liked a lot was of the British Olympic gymnast, Louis Smith. Loved the fit and cut of this suit!!!! It fits his body SO well and it looks very comfortable. He's also a handsome bloke!!!! ;) Here's another group of looks I like a lot. This is JLS. These guys can really sing and I love how they all look. I would have every single one of these pieces in my closet!!! Another group of looks I like a lot is the global explosion of a pop group, One Direction. They are also a guilty pleasure of mine. These guys are not the greatest singers in the world, but they are quite Here are a few of their looks. Another look I like a lot is Taylor Swift. I'm not a fan of her music so much, but I love that she takes chances with her wardrobe. I also love the look of British artist, Delilah. It's quite glam, yet quite rock and roll. I have to check out her music while I'm here. Another artist I have to check out is Rebecca Ferguson. I remember seeing her on Graham Norton and loved her voice. I love her dress as well. Very sexy, yet very covered up. The last looks I like a lot are of Emeli Sande. This woman can sing the UK phone book and put it out as a box set and I would buy it. She is an amazing artist and she also just got married. Also happy that I see her in a heel!!! Can't wait for her next album!!! The next few looks I'm on the fence about. There are some likable things about them, but there are the things that bring them down (sometimes it will be the other members). Here goes: First up is Little Mix. They did amazingly well on X Factor and they're also not the greatest singers in the world, but they are marketable. I love that a lot of groups want to showcase their individuality within the group, but it looks like they are all going to different events with no common theme. One look I like a lot, but the rest, I don't know what to say... Another look is Paloma Faith. Love love love her style, and her music but I couldn't get behind the hair. It looked like a bird's nest. Now these are the looks I really didn't like. It may get a little brutal here. First up is Stooshie. Again, I'm all about individuality within a group, but it looks like they were all going to different events and none of the pieces fit well or even look flattering. If I'm gonna serve up a gown, I don't want it to fit like a tracksuit. If I'm doing a suit with platform sneakers, I would at least make it edgy. Next up is Lana Del Rey. Love her music and I usually love her style, but this is so uninspired. It's like she was caught at Sainsbury's buying eggs and milk and then ran to the Brit Awards. Well, these are my opinions about the looks of last night, but I want to put in some honorable mentions here. Calvin Harris (whose music I am looking into while I'm here in London) looked exceptionally well. Ed Sheenan looked good and so did reality tv star, Mark Lewis (The Only Way Is Essex). I'm sure these will cause some debates so I'm all up to hear what you think of my choices. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!

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