Monday, 25 February 2013

The Academy Awards: The Biggest Night In Film- Part Two: Menswear

After going through all of the gowns for the Academy Awards, I decided to give the men a little play. Surprisingly, a lot of the men's looks I loved and even though there were a lot of different designer tuxes, it was all about fit that made all of these men look good. I don't know who the designers are, but once I find out, I will post them. Let's get it started with Eddie Redmayne. Love love love him in "Les Miserables" and he is quite the handsome bloke!!!! Another smashing guy is Mario Lopez. Totally love the choice of color and fit of this!!!!! Here is one of my favorite actor/writer/directors and Jennifer Aniston's fiancee, Justin Theroux. I have to say that I totally have a crush on this arty man!!! The next few pics are gonna be of the old guard, the Elder Actors/Directors that have paved the way for some of these younger actors to make their mark. The first one is Dustin Hoffman: Daniel Day Lewis, the three time Best Actor Oscar winner: Richard Gere: The great director, Steven Spielberg: Quentin Tarantino: Ben Affleck and his lovely wife, Jennifer Gardner: Young Hollywood was out in full force yesterday and here are a few of the faces, starting with Channing Tatum and his lovely and very pregnant wife: Another amazing young actor that is quite handsome is Joseph Gordon Levitt: Bradley Cooper and his mom: Daniel Radcliffe looked exceptionally well: These are the men that looked quite good to me at the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out who made their tuxes at the moment, but once I do, I will post them. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!

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