Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Windowshopping In Berlin

Easter has come and gone and we are finally in the throes of spring. The stores have all of their spring merchandise on display. Spring is a time for renewal. The flowers and trees are blooming. The sun is out a little longer. We are putting away our heavy coats and embracing a lighter approach. Color is coming back into the wardrobe and placing itself in front with spring. I took this opportunity to hit the streets of Berlin and take some shots of the store windows to show you what you'll be wearing during springtime in Berlin. This is my favorite thing to do when the weather changes and the new windows come into play, because I used to be a visual merchandiser for a few stores back in my retail days and I always had the most fun on those days when the windows change. I'll probably take more pics as the season goes on, but this one street I went along in Berlin has a lot of the major stores. The one thing I like about this is that the windows reflect the way that not only the store styles, but how the people should and would wear the clothes. Of course, once people buy them they can put their own spin on them, but the windows are a good starting place. This is a shot of the American Apparel window. Love it!!! Love the pastels!!!! Pastels are always big in spring and they bring on a lightness to the season. The next few shots are of the windows of KaDeWe, which is like a high end store in the style of Neiman Marcus, Sak's Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman. Some of the shots may be hard to see because of the sunlight, but I hope I capture the essence of spring in Berlin. Here are the windows for a couple of H&M stores in the area, which will pretty much show you what the young guys and girls are gonna be sporting all through the spring and summer. These are the windows for Benetton. Love their color choices!!!! Last, but not least my FAVORITE windows!! These are for Diesel. They always have some amazing clothes that are youthful and sexy. I'll most likely do a lot of window shopping this season and pretty much everywhere I go, because there are always interesting things in the windows to pull you in the stores. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!

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