Monday, 15 April 2013

Catching Up On Fashion Television

Today, I took some time to catch up on some fashion television. I caught up on "Project Runway", "Fashion Star" and "The Face". "Fashion Star" is an amazing show because you get to see what the stores will buy, so as a designer you have to shape your designs to work in the stores. The idea is to get your designs in all three stores (Sak's Fifth Avenue, Macy's, & Express) and it can be a little difficult to figure out which store will get what. One design can work in one store, but not another. You can sell one week and not the next. This show is quite the influence to a designer, because it can help them understand what the stores buy. I also caught up on this season of "Project Runway". This season it was all about the teams and it was quite interesting to see how so many different visions worked together. We're now down to the final four and this is where you see who really can stand out on their own. The designers in the final four each have a unique vision and although their skill sets vary, they each can walk away with the prize, but like any designer (including me), the prize to them is just showing at Fashion Week in New York. I caught up on "The Face", the new Naomi Campbell show that's on Oprah's network. Loved the concept and loved seeing Karolina, Coco and Naomi in action. I wasn't impressed with a lot of the girls, but there were some interesting faces. Nigel Barker has settled in well, since being fired from "America's Next Top Model". he is always the nice guy who helps out the girls. Naomi's dramatics was quite crazy, but after 20 years in the business and you're still at the top of your game, you are entitled to have a diva moment every now and then. Karolina and Coco, although haven't been in the business as long, but they do each bring great experience to the table. Each model had a team of girls that they mentor and with each challenge, someone gets eliminated. In the end, it was one of Karolina's girls that became "The Face" Well, now that I'm all caught up on my fashion television, it's time for me to get to sewing!!! If you come across any more fashion oriented television, let me know and I'll check it out!!! Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


  1. Did I miss the episode where Naomi hurled her stiletto at one of the girls? Is it called 'The Face' because that's what Naomi is gonna slap?!

  2. Oooh child, I went straight to The Face here, sooooo bottom line is Naomi any good? Yes she is an amazing model, she got that walk but how is she as a host because I remember in all roles where she spoke/acted back in the day, well, eerrm- NO COMMENT!!!!!
    Personally I dont see this Karolina, Coca and Naomi formula working but lets see...
    And didnt know Nigel was fired, didn't know there was beef there, need to Google that Ish!!!

  3. LOL!!!! There was no beef with Tyra and Nigel. She just wanted to flip the script because the ratings weren't as high. She got rid of everyone. I haven't seen the new one yet, but I will be checking for it.