Monday, 29 April 2013

The Olivier Awards

London had it's biggest night in theater last night. It was the Olivier Awards. The award is named after the renowned British actor, Sir Laurence Olivier (Laurence Of Arabia). This is recognized as the highest honor in British theater. It is the British equivalent of the Tony Awards on Broadway. Of course if there is an award show, there will be a red carpet and I've got that covered. Let's get started. Unfortunately, I don't know any of the designers of any of the looks, but once I find out, I will post them. Here are my favorites: Rafe Spall and Elize du Toit: Love Elize's gown!!!! Gorgeous!!!!! Myleene Klass: I absolutely LOVE the cutouts on her dress!!! Gorgeous!!!! James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff: Love the print of her gown and of course, James is always as handsome as ever!!!!! Dame Helen Mirren: This woman always looks amazing!!!! She could wear a paper bag and I'm sure it would look amazing!!!!! (Yes, I use "amazing" a lot) Daniel Radcliffe: He has blossomed into a very handsome man!!! Love his confidence!!!! Now, here is the only one that I don't like. I may be a little brutal, but hey somebody's gotta say it!!! Kim Cattrall. Love the color and love the gown, but for some reason it doesn't look like it fits her. It looks like it's too big. If you're gonna do a gown like this, make sure it fits. It looks like an old tracksuit stitched up in an artful way: Now, here are a few others that I liked a lot and they do deserve an honorable mention. Let's start with Will Young: Amazing artist and he has come a long way since winning "Idol" many years ago!!!! Love him!!!! Tom Hiddleston: The brother and enemy of "Thor" and the assistant to "Wallander" looks exceptionally dapper tonight and I LOVE his smile!!!!! Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis: LOVE LOVE LOVE Helen's gown!!! Beautiful color and Damain looks exceptionally handsome!!!! I even had my own moment on the red carpet, well I saw!!! Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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