Monday, 25 February 2013

The Academy Awards: The Biggest Night In Motion Pictures

Here it is, the biggest night in motion pictures and the awards show that ends the awards season, The Academy Awards. This is the night where all the stars come out to play. The stylists, makeup and hair people work extra hard to get it right. The designers wait at home and watch with baited breath which stars are wearing their gowns or tuxes and where I get to say what I like and don't like about their choices. This will also be a fun post because some stars have gone from strength to strength. Others made up for what they wore to the Golden Globes or Grammy Awards, and some still fall flat on the red carpet. Let's get it started. One of the first looks I love straight out of the gate is Kelly Rowland in Donna Karan. This is one look that absolutely made me cry because I was working on a gown with the same exact color pallette and I thought of Kelly when I designed it. Kelly is showing some leg and keeping it sexy and classy. She looked amazing at the Grammy Awards, but this is perfect for the Oscars. This is also the gown I created and I thought of her when I designed it: The next one I loved is Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive. This is a nod to the total old Hollywood style. Bare neck, but looking glamorous with the soft hair, letting the gown do the talking. She has more than made up for that Calvin Klein dress with this one. The gown fits her well and she looks comfortable and at ease. Way to go, Jessica!!!! The next one is Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture. This gown is absolutely gorgeous and having the necklace hang from the back was the icing on the cake for me!!! Simply AWESOME!!!! She has always hit the nail on the head for me. This young lady has taste in spades. Love her!!!! Another gown I love is Amy Adams in Oscar De La Renta. This gown is SO PRETTY!!! Love the pale grey color and although a lot of the lists are saying that the dress doesn't work with her coloring, I absolutely love it on her!!!! Another look I love a lot is Robin Roberts. She has been through a lot this past year (dealing with cancer and losing her mom), but she looks amazing and has come back stronger than ever!!! Much respect to this woman. She is AMAZING and she is doing it all with a smile!!!!! This look I liked a lot as well. It's Melissa McCarthy in David Meister. Love the color and love the draping on her. This is quite flattering on her and I'm glad to see that there are plus size women rocking some amazing pieces. I'm hoping to make some pieces like this as well. Another look I absolutely love is Halle Berry in Versace. This is the ultimate in Bond Girl Chic!!!! This gown is sexy, yet covered up. Love this look!!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!!! She totally redeemed herself for the Golden Globes Versace look. This look I love a lot as well. This is Kristin Chenoweth. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!! She is an amazing comedic actress and an amazing singer and she totally brings the fantasy in this gown. This gown is by Tony Ward. I absolutely love it!!!! The last look is Charlize Thereon in Christian Dior Couture. This gown in absolutely gorgeous!!!! Also with the short hair, it just gives it that extra edge. She always manages to hit the nail on the head when she goes to award shows. This gown fits well and it's a vision in white. Stunning!!! Here are some looks that I was on the fence about. It could be the dress or even the whole look, but it would be something that just doesn't take it to the level it needs to be. First up is Helena Bonhanm Carter in Vivienne Westwood. Love Helena and love Vivienne, but it seems like every time I see her, she looks like she's on a pirate ship. I know that Helena is a quirky actress, but I would love to see her glam it up at least ONCE!!! The next one is Kristen Stewart in Naeem Khan. Now, Kristen Stewart is the kind of girl I want to dress, but she looks like a bride that rolled down a hill. The dress looks like it didn't fit well. I understand that she showed up on crutches, but the dress was ill fitting and her hair was a hot mess. Kristen usually does really well with clothes for most of these award shows, but this was a mess of untold proportions. I love the dress, but it looked messy on her. Another one is Jennifer Gardner in Gucci. Love Jennifer, love Gucci, but this gown does her no favors. It gives her no shape. The color is beautiful but there isn't enough structure in the gown to give her a shape. Here is Jane Fonda in Versace. Now, she is an amazing woman. She looks absolutely gorgeous, but this Versace gown is not age appropriate for her (in my eyes). The color is quite bright (neon??) and the cut is quite sexy. This look is total cougar, but I love Versace, I love Jane Fonda, but not the two of them together!!! The last look I'm on the fence about is Marcia Gay Harden in David Meister. Love the dress, Love Marcia Gay Harden, but I wished her hair was up to show case the shoulder of the dress. Also the bunching in the middle (under the breast line) give the effect that the dress doesn't fit well. Maybe it's the angle of the pic or the fit of the dress, but this for some reason doesn't work for me. Now, these are the looks that I didn't like. I may be a bit brutal here, but I have to call it like I see it. The first one is Louise Roe. I don't know the designer of this dress but I absolutely HATE this. I'm not loving the lace on the nude. Just horrific in my eyes. The next one is Maria Menunos. I don't know the designer of this either, but this looks like a quinceanera dress and her whole look looks very juvenile. It looks like she is celebrating her quinceanera at the Oscars. Love the color, but not on her. The last look I completely don't know what to say. This is Mark Ruffalo and his date, Sunrise Coigney. Now, I completely get that she is not a glam sort of person, but this is horrible!!!! The top doesn't go with the skirt and as amazing as he looks, she looks like an after thought. I can't understand why would she go to an event like this and not even make an effort. Now, here I will make some honorable mentions, because every one here really made an effort and they all look amazing!!! Naomi Watts: Catherine Zeta Jones: Eddie Redmayne: These are my picks for the Academy Awards looks. There were so many to choose from that I liked and very few that I didn't but there is always one that stands out and I hope I nailed that one. I may do another post about the mens looks because there were a few I liked and one is in my honorable mention. I'm sure these will inspire debate and I can't wait for the comments. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


  1. Ok. So. Halle Berry's metallic no. is my fav.
    Amy's ruffles are a romantic dream...
    Liking the Jesssica Rabbit thang going on with Jessica C.
    Gotta high five Helena for her commitment to not giving a F, and dressing as she pleases, dishevelled et al.
    And as for Jennifer. L, yes the dress is cut beautifully but would like to see her dress her age. No wonder she fell, she couldn't take all the pressure of having to dress and act twice her age!!!!

  2. AHHHHHH, Eddie Redmayne... I have the hugest crush on him! He is such a dork, but dang, he looks good in a suit! Mmmm mmm mmmm.... Thanks for the eye candy!

    : signe