Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The BAFTA Awards

Sunday night was the biggest awards night in the UK for television and film. It was the BAFTA Awards. The BAFTA Awards are Britian's answer to the Emmy Awards. They are voted on by their peers (fellow actors, mostly) and every British actor worth their salt wants one. I, even want one and I'm no longer acting. As you know, whenever there is a red carpet, I will be covering it from the safety of my computer. The British actors and musicians are known to have a more theatrical sense of style, but in this situation I am completely baffled. If this is the night that is the cream of the crop for British television and film, then a good portion of the actors here didn't get the memo. I had high expectations for this red carpet and I was terribly let down. As usual, I will talk about the ones I liked, the ones I'm on the fence about and the ones I didn't like. This time around I'm gonna start off with the ones I didn't like. Here is Tina Malone. This whole look is horrible!!!! It looks like she is stopping into Tesco on the way to a hen party. The stockings are the one thing that is getting on my last nerve with this look!!! I know the British can be quirky and eccentric in their style, but this is horrible!!! The only thing I like is that the dress is black. The shape, however is unflattering and none of this is working for her. The next look I didn't like was Holly Willoughby. She is a beautiful and quite funny television hostess and her curves are to die for, but in this dress you don't see them. The gown is a gorgeous color, but it looks like it's too big in places. It doesn't have to be skin tight against the body, but the whole bodice although draped very nicely makes the dress look too big. It may also be because of the angle that this was shot. She kept the look simple, but this dress makes her look like she has a small pouch where her stomach should be. Another dress I didn't like is Sarah Millican. She also looks like she's running to Tesco for eggs and milk and realized that she was supposed to go to the BAFTA's. This look (in my eyes) is way too casual for an awards show. She looks like that she couldn't be bothered to make the effort. Why bother going, if you're not gonna make an effort??? Another one I wasn't a fan of is Sarah Lancashire. Beautiful woman, but the nude top washes her out. Love the full skirt, but not with this top. The top has too much volume and it needs to be in any other color other than nude. This is Anita Rani. Love the suit, but not for this event. It's dressed up, but not enough. She looks like she had just come her job at an art gallery. The next one is Maria Anastacia Keogh. Beautiful woman, but I HATE this dress!!! It looks like two different dresses cut in half and sewn together. I'm all for mixing things up, but there is too much going on with this. Next up is Maxine Peake. Love the pants, but the jacket and top are horrible. She looks like she's going to a PTA meeting. The jacket is a little too winter-y for a springtime event. Now, we go into the ones that I'm on the fence about. I liked them, but something didn't work for me. Either the styling was wrong, or the piece would be better suited for a different type of event. First up is Sienna Miller. Love the dress, but it looks like a day dress and it screams "The Ladies Who Lunch". Sienna is usually edgy and bohemian, but this dress had no punch. I felt it was missing something, maybe a belt, maybe a jacket but it needed something. Another look I'm on the fence about is Miranda Hart. She is a brilliant comedian and actress. She really made an effort, but killed it by wearing a flat shoe, dragging the look into Casual Land. Because the jacket is a black and white print and her pants are black,I would have gone with a red or yellow shoe (heel) to give it a pop of color. This is another look I'm on the fence about. This is Millie Mackintosh. Great dress, if it were the MTV Video Music Awards or the opening of a nightclub in Ibiza. It's a little too clubby looking. Beautiful dress and it fits very well. I'm on the fence about this look as well. It's Kate Fleetwood. Beautiful spring dress. Perfect for a garden party. Too casual for the event. Now we're coming to the pieces that I really liked. Short or long, they were perfect in my eyes. The first one is Jenna-Louise Coleman. Loved the pale nude gown on her. Fits perfectly and she looks amazing!!! Another one I liked is Claudia Winkleman. It comes to the knee and it's dressy and sexy!!! Love that she wore a nude shoe with it. Gorgeous!!! Another dress I liked is on ex-Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. Draped well on a dancer's body, with a little bit of shimmer she is totally serving up Greek goddess. This is 2 time BAFTA winner on Sunday, Olivia Colman. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of this dress and it comes to the knee. Amazing!!!! This look I liked a lot as well. It's Laura Whitmore. It's a bold choice to do a print or stripes on a red carpet. This is one dress that doesn't need any accessories to overpower it. It catches your eye and it's quite chic. So, these were my choices on the BAFTA's. Some may like it, some may not. Let me know what you think. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!


  1. Tina Malone: Should have stayed at home!
    Sienna Miller: WHY is she considered a style icon when 7 times out of 10 she looks like she just rolled out of her trick’s bed, which, let’s face it…is probably the truth usually.
    But overall, these ladies need to up their game next year. This was mostly a MISS!

  2. This post just confirms what I have always thought- when it comes to Red Carpet Style, we Brits can't dress for shit. Take us to a festival for e.g. and the whole quirky shit will go down, take us to the red carpet and suddenly we start trippn....

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  4. Sarah Millican's response


    Horrible to see all the Emperor's New Clothes sycophants telling her she looks cool and has been cyberbullied. She's fair skinned and the pattern completely overwhelms her so you dont see her just the dress. It's the wrong style for her figure and the large pattern with a huge repeat does make it look like wallpaper. Different situation it might be better or different lighting. But no Sarah is not a celebrity so everything she says is right. "I felt good in it and that's all that matters". So why are you writing articles slagging everyone else off for daring to not like the dress. I'm sure, if people had liked it, if their compliments would have been gladly hoovered up as the fake admiration flowing over twitter from people who all profess to hate fashion and presumably are quite happy to live in a dull world with no beauty where all clothes are simply functional. Philistines.