Friday, 31 May 2013

A New Project

A couple of weeks ago, I got an offer to do some costume work on a television pilot. I am over the moon with the project. The budget is small, but the opportunity is huge. It's also a short amount of time to make it happen. The first days of shooting are coming up, so creating a whole wardrobe would be out of the question, but creating a few pieces for key characters can be done. When I met the director and got a copy of the script, I wasn't completely sure of the total vision, but I was totally willing to explore and find out what the vision was and what part I can play in creating it. I read the script and started shaping the wardrobe based on the characters. Then I researched the time period (1960's- 1970's) and for each character, I made a basic look and built from there. Notes are put together and yesterday, I took the first trip to the costume shop. Taking pictures of a few dresses and slowly shaping the wardrobe, the director comes over to check on my progress. I show him a few pieces and the script gets a bit of a flip. He didn't want so much color and so much pretty. He wants the look to be more dark, futuristic (in terms of what they thought would be the future in the 60's & 70's) and very clean lines. This throws a monkey wrench into the plans, so with that I jump back into making more notes and rereading the script, looking for the dark places where I can make the look work. I'm gonna make another trip to the costume shop to really shape it all up. As I go through the storyboards for the first scenes, the wardrobe starts to come together. Knowing that he wants everything to be slightly darker, I'm trying to work on some dark things with a little pretty in them for good measure. That is, if the series gets picked up. This is only the beginning and I can't wait to get into the thick of this. There is so much more to come. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!

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