Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A New Project- Part Two

The second day of the shoot was quite fun. I got to know more of the cast and crew. Being the costume designer, you would normally meet the cast once everyone is cast and right before filming. Nonetheless, it was great meeting the cast and crew and I looked forward to working with them. This time I'm including pictures
The first set of pictures I'm gonna include are of the suit that I designed for one of the main characters. It's a green tweed fitted skirt suit. It's slightly militaristic, but also very feminine. The one thing that I am thrilled about is that the suit fit her perfectly and I did it according to the sizes that were emailed to me. I also didn't get to meet her until the day of the shoot.
Here are pictures of the actress, Drifa Hansen in the green tweed fitted skirt suit. I love that it fit her perfectly!!!!!
The shoot was going well and they were getting what they needed from the actors. I took many shots throughout the shoot. I've put a few on my Facebook page. The next scheduled shoot is this coming Friday (June 14th) and I am as ready as I'll ever be for it. The next level of my dream and my career is slowly coming together. Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


  1. This outfit fits her to a T. Perfect color for her hair/eyes! You could not get any better than this!

    1. Thank you so much!! The moment she put it on, the star aligned and everything was perfect. I was stunned. I was so expecting to pretty much redo it while she was standing