Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Met Gala- Punk: From Chaos To Couture

Last night was the one night that I wished I was in New York. Last night was the annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As always they have a lavish party and an edgy red carpet and last night was no different. They also premiered a new exhibit called "Punk: From Chaos To Couture". This exhibit shows how the counter culture from the streets of the UK and the US influenced fashion. I will be checking out this exhibit when I get there in June and as always, wherever and whenever there is a red carpet I will be talking about what everyone was wearing, good or bad. Now the theme was "Punk With A Twist". Some took it and ran with it, and others didn't bother, yet there were still some glamorous pieces. Let's get started. One of the first pieces I loved and also seeing that they nailed the theme was fashion model, Cara Delevingne in Burberry. Love the studded top and low cut of the gown. Simply gorgeous!!!! Another who I thought nailed the look, but kept it glamorous was Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney. I love the color, the fit , pretty much EVERYTHING about this look!!!! AMAZING!!!! This is Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) in Ricardo Tisci. She served up gothic punk in the movie and she serves up a glamorous punk here. Love the lace and the zippers on the gown, giving a combination of hard and soft. Here is Anne Hathaway in Vintage Valentino. Serving up a new blonde look, she went the glamorous end of punk and the gown was quite edgy and revealing. LOVE IT!!!! The fit was fabulous and she looked so comfortable in it. Here is another who nailed the look. It's Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs. I love that she has gone from child star to teen sensation to adult woman without too many issues. She is one of the few that has come into her own as a fashion personality and she totally ROCKS this fishnet dress. Now, I hate to say this especially because I'm not the hugest fan of hers, but she did serve up the attitude and look of punk, in her usual somewhat controversial style. It's Madonna in Givenchy. She really surprised me by looking as good as she did. Love it!!!! Another one I hate to say that I liked was Tommy Hilfiger in Tommy Hilfiger. I'm not totally a fan of his as a designer, but him and his wife serve up the attitude and feel of punk in the style of Vivienne Westwood. Love the gown she's in and the tuxedo jacket of his. I would LOVE one of these!!!! There were quite a few pieces I didn't like as well. Brace yourselves, it may get brutal here. Let's start this off with Nicki Minaj in Tommy Hilfiger. What the hell is this??? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Nicki Minaj and I love her over the top style, but this was SO understated and it totally doesn't work for her. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out all of the stops in serving up a punk/black tie look and she does a dress that, although very sexy and a beautiful color, it looked like she stitched a crop top to a long skirt and it looked so boring!!! Also, because she is top and bottom heavy, it looks like it's ill fitting. Another I didn't like is Kim Kardashian in Givenchy. I love the fact that she is pregnant and looks amazing, but this gown looks like she is a couch in grandmother's house. I have no issue with the flowery fabric, because it does have it's place, but in a gown on a pregnant woman I don't think so. A lot of people like the gown, but I totally am not a fan. Love the designer, though. I didn't like this one either. This is Ashley Olsen in vintage Valentino. Love her!!! Love the dress, but as usual, she looks like a billionaire homeless woman. Nothing ever fits her and although she is also a great designer, I wonder why she doesn't ever do anything that fits her. I'm not saying go all sexpot, but at least when the eccentric girls dress up, they at least are wearing things in their size. I really didn't like this one as well. This is Mary Kate Olsen. I don't know who designed this, but here we go again with the billionaire homeless woman. This is another one where nothing ever fits and although eccentric as well this does her no favors. This one I didn't like either. It's Maggie Gyllenhaal in Calvin Klein. The gown isn't horrible, just boring and so is her look. There's nothing glamorous about this and there is no kind of edge to this. She's also very eccentric, but none of that is in this look at all!!! She looks better going to the supermarket, than she does here. There are quite a few that deserve an honorable mention because they either made the effort to nail the theme, or the looks was just awesome in my eyes!!!! Here is Hamish Bowles (one of the creative directors at Vogue) in a customized Tom Ford tuxedo. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I want one just like it!!!!!! Another look is Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung. Our little Hermoine has grown up and looking fabulous!!!! Love the cutouts and the edginess of this gown!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Here is Christina Ricci in the Grande Dame Of Punk, Vivienne Westwood. Christina is an amazing actress and Vivienne is one of my favorite designers!!! In my eyes, both of them can do no wrong. Now this is how I wanna see Helena Bonham Carter look at least once in Vivienne Westwood's pieces!!!! There are so many looks that I've liked and I haven't got to all of them, but I will have a second part to this post soon. Enjoy this, let's debate the looks and stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


  1. Ok, it's Christina Ricci for me, she brought and nailed iiIIITTT! So good to see my girl out and about. I know she has accomplished a lot but I think she deserved more in Hollywood, esp. when I look at 'actresses' that are more the apple of Hollywood's eye like Scarlett J. Anyhoo back to fashion- Madonna needs. to. just stop. full. stop.