Thursday, 25 July 2013

Pre Fall/ Fall Fashion

As we head into August, the fashion magazines begin to broadcast the the new trends and looks for fall.  This is the busy time for all of the magazines, because this is the preview to the huge September issues that will be hitting the streets in a matter of weeks.

Pre Fall/ Fall Fashion is always the ideal season to check and shop for.  The heat of the summer hasn't faded too much and the stores are prepping for the tidal wave of new merchandise that will set the tone for the Fall/Winter season.

I managed to get the August issues of British Elle and British Vogue and tear through them like a house on fire to soak up the new trends and even pulled a couple of very inspirational ads from my favorite designers to set the tome for this Fall season.  I even managed to pull some ideas for some new looks. Let's get started.

The first two ad campaigns that are setting the tone for the Pre Fall/ Fall season is my inspiration and one of my favorite designers, Tom Ford.  The look that he is going for is very glam rock chic!!!

In the very sexy (and covered up) jersey gown, they are very fitted with only a sequin starburst or two, providing the only detail, but it's a knockout detail!!!!

In the other Tom Ford ad campaign (same campaign, different ad), the starburst detail covers the entire jacket, leaving the fit to be the star of the show.  Black, white, and even in fuschia fur, the detail is amazing.  I need to walk into his store (or any of the high end department stores that is are selling his clothes) and inspect this jacket more closely.

The  next two campaigns are from the current Roberto Cavalli collection.  He is also my inspiration and one of my favorite designers.  Sticking to his usual tried and true animal prints, sharp Italian tailoring, and keeping it sexy, by serving up rock and roll glamour, this man's designs can do no wrong.  You have to be a bold woman to carry this off and the models in his campaigns are every bit as bold.  Cleavage and confidence rules in his clothes!!! I'd wear every single piece!!!! They exude power, glamour and sex without being vulgar.  They're also a hell of a lot of fun!!!

I absolutely LOVE both of these campaigns!!!!! I can't wait to see some of these pieces hit the streets!!!!!

Now, here are the trends.  The first trend is the color rose.  From the pale to the dusky damask hues and all through the nudes, every piece is overtly feminine and flattering!!!!

 This next trend is also very womanly. It's all about the hourglass shape.  Nipped in waists, breast hugging bodices, full, flared, a-lined, or pencil skirts, brings the "bombshell" to life!!! It's "Mad Men" with a spin!!!!

This next trend is plaids!!! Plaids and tartans of every size and type (glen plaid, houndstooth, Chinese laundry bag).  Full of color, tailored or loose, small print or large, this is a trend that is a lot of fun and can bring out that trip to the Scottish highlands, the London countryside, or the Irish pub!!!

This next trend is my FAVORITE!!! This look is all about PUNK!!!!  Tartan, spikes, studs, safety pins, rubber and leather.  Now, THIS is what the punk exhibit should have looked like!!!!! Tough, edgy and sexy is all over this trend!!!!!

This trend is all about feathers.  Delicate ostrich and maribou in every shade and hue brings the soft to the hard, serving up a glamour with a different kind of embellishment.

This is another embellishment trend, but the subtle kind. Just a little sparkle goes a long way.  This is more of a daytime embellishment than a night time red carpet.

This last trend is all about flowers.  A spring trend that can brighten up any fall day.  From light and pretty to slightly darker, romantic and slightly melancholic.  So beautiful, yet so regal.

So these are the hot trends and campaigns that I love and are all about fall.  This is the time to take chances and drag the pretty from summer into fall.  Let me know what you think.

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!!


  1. Great insight and features you selected Eric! Your perceptions and eye on fashion and trends are spot-on!

  2. Love all the pictures.

  3. Trends aside, a big high 5 to Tom Ford for casting that black model, and with that short 'fro, amazing!! I love the way he shot the campaign himself he is so talented...and hot!!!!