Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ten Fashion Questions

Hey there, everyone!!! Every now and then I get asked all sorts of fashion questions from my friends. Now, I'm gonna take this time to answer a few of them. I'm also gonna make this a regular thing, so if you ever have questions, just let me know. Let's get started.

 1- Can you wear checks and stripes together?
Yes, you can. It's a matter of finding a common ground to base them in (example: color- if the main color is blue, then it can be tastefully done). If your stripe is bold, then your check should be smaller and vice versa. You don't want to look like you got dressed in the dark. In every combination, there has to be a sense of balance. You have to be able to look at it in the mirror and see the visual as a whole and not just a part. If you notice your check more that the whole look, then your check is too big. If you notice your stripe more than the whole look, then your stripe is too big. In the picture above from RDK Clothiers (, this is a tasteful way to do checks and stripes together.

2- Can you do a scarf with a suit and tie?

No!!! Unless it's winter and you're wearing an over coat, wear one or the other, but never both. The only time you can do that is if you are wearing a tuxedo and even then, I think it can be too much.

3- What hat to wear to the races and to lunch with the ladies?

Interesting question!!!! Ladies, your hat should do two things: compliment your face and compliment your outfit. If your hat is too big, it will take over and no one can see your face, nor notice what you're wearing. If your hat is too small, depending on how your hair is styled, it may get lost and barely noticed. It doesn't necessarily have to match what you're wearing, but it has to compliment it. Your hat should also be fun and it should not block the view of the races for others, or you may develop a reputation for having an outrageous hat that gets in everyone's way and no one will take in how gorgeous it is, but how much of an attention whore you are. They also won't notice your outfit, which should get just as much attention as your hat. Your hat is the dot on the "i" or the cross on the "t" to your overall look. For instance, take a look at how Kate Middleton wears her hats. Each hat works for her because they don't overpower her. They compliment what she is wearing and they work with how she wears her hair.
Kate knows exactly how to wear a hat.

If you're gonna do an outrageous hat like Grace Jones, Lady Gaga, or Isabella Blow (RIP), you better have the brass balls to carry it off!!! These women are no shrinking violets and if you are, an outrageous hat will eat you alive. Here are some examples of fierce hats on some fierce women!!!!

4- Can I go commando every time???

Men, truthfully, you can, however is it always appropriate??? Not so much. If you are wearing dress pants for instance, it will give the same effect as wearing sweatpants with no underwear. In the context of a night out, it's fine, but in the workplace I don't think any of your coworkers or your boss want to see what you're packing, or not packing. In those instances, a jockstrap is best. It keeps the junk in place and leaves a little to the imagination. Also, if you sweat like a whore in church, you don't want your ball sweat to show in your dress pants. Anyone sees that and the first thing that they think is that you have an overactive bladder. If you're wearing jeans (after they have been washed a few times), you can get away with going commando. A little vaseline on the cock will help to keep the fabric from rubbing up against it. Women, if you're gonna go commando, make sure you're wearing something that a: fits properly (i.e long enough), so your vagina doesn't get accidental viewings when you sit down and b: dark and thick enough, so we don't see your birthday suit when you walk down the street. If you don't want me to know about the butterfly tattoo that you have on your inner thigh, make sure I can't see it when you sit down. Best way to gauge if you can go commando in what you're wearing or not, put a chair in front of a full length mirror and watch yourself sit down in various positions in the garment. If you notice a nip slip or how good your Brazilian is, when you sit down, don't do it. A g string or a thong would suffice and stripper tape/double sided tape on the breast will keep the top in place. You can go to any sex store or even a drug store for double sided tape.

 5- Should I wear a t-shirt under a dress shirt???

Guys, I always suggest that you do for two reasons: 1- It eliminates the sweat marks/deodorant stains from your shirt and 2- If your shirt is starched, chances are it will rub up against your skin and irritate you. A v neck tshirt is best because if you decide to not wear a tie, you can have an open neck without showing how manly you are (or aren't). When there are sweat marks in a dress shirt, it usually is mixed in with the alcohol in the deodorant and leaves a nasty stain, that discolors the shirt and no matter how many times you clean it, it still shows up (it's even worse in white shirts), so a tshirt under a dress shirt is always best.

 6- What to look for when shopping for a new belt?

When shopping for a new belt, look for a belt that can be dressed up or down (it can look good with jeans as well as with a suit). Also take into account what size belt you are getting (wide belt, narrow belt). The buckle should be plain. Big belt buckles (name buckles, flags, skulls, novelty) are only for casual wear (jeans). Narrow belts are more dressy. The size of your belt should fit with a little extra, just in case you need to make a new hole, but not so long that it can wrap around yourself again.

7- What colors work best on a larger sized man?

Any color can work on a larger sized man. It's all about the fit of the clothes. Most big men get caught up in buying shirts that look like tents on them, so everything looks huge. It's about trying on the clothes for your size. It may take a little longer, and you may end up walking away frustrated, but you have to keep trying things on to see what looks good on you, so you will not be so self conscious about your size. You have to also be comfortable in the garment. The last thing you need is to try on something that doesn't fit well. A really good sales associate (like me) knows how to get you into something that looks good and feels comfortable. Also a really good sales associate (like me) knows how to get you towards what you like. If you are shopping for the first time in any major store, this is a trick I always employ: Look for the most well dressed sales associate that is close to the look that you want (look around from the door BEFORE you walk in). When you spot him/her, go right to them and ask for their assistance. Chances are, their look is most likely in the store and in your size. If not, they know how to get you the same look with a few different items that actually fit you. You will have to do this a few times, and in a few different stores (because sizing is different in a lot of different stores) but once you get the idea of your sizing, finding things that fit and are comfortable become easier and you can be in and out of a store in a matter of minutes. Also, take the time to find out if the stores do alterations. Most will hem every thing for you, but for more extensive tailoring, get to know your dry cleaner. Some will have a tailor on site and they will help you with how you want things to fit on you.

8- Should men wear "Skorts"? in sports and for fun?

Shorts are cool on men, as long as they're age appropriate and they fit well. Quicksilver shorts are for teenage boys, teenage skaters and teenage surfers (get the idea?). If you are older than 15, leave Quicksilver alone. Nothing is worse than a man who doesn't dress age appropriately. Cutoff denim shorts are pretty cool and they work at any age. Dressier shorts are quite attractive (they are more tailored to the body, not tight)and they show that you have grown up. "Skorts' for men, I personally am not a fan of, but for women, they're pretty cool, as long as they fit well and are age appropriate.

9- Can you do flip flops on the street?

You can do flip flops on the city streets, but more of the leather dressy type (designer or Birkenstocks), and less of the Havianas. Haviana's have no real support for the impact of concrete, like the leather or Birkenstocks's do. I've worn Haviana's on the street and they are not the most comfortable in my eyes. Socks and sandals are a NO NO!!!!! A lot of people don't like flip flops. I'm on the fence about them. Men and women, if you're gonna do an open toe shoe, GET A PEDICURE OR CUT YOUR TOENAILS!!!!! Get those feet gorgeous before you step out in open toe shoes!!!!!

10- As a serious question, why should anyone care about fashion, especially when you see how much is being charged for items of clothing, when there are people who are starving and facing horrific daily challenges in the world?

Great question!!!!! I can only speak for myself about it, but I care about it, because like music and theater, it is an art form that can be used to take away from some of the pain and strife of the world today. I also care because this art form, as many others can be used to help benefit some of the things that ail the world (breast cancer, world hunger, AIDS and HIV prevention, malaria, etc). There are lots of things in the world, that if I constantly thought about it all, I'd go batshit crazy, because there is so much evil and darkness. Hell, even I've gone through some bad times, but all is not evil and dark.

Fashion and music for me, make this world a little easier to deal with. As for the cost of clothes in some of the designer places, the cost is usually factored into what it takes to make it and from where the materials are sourced, as well as the designer name attached to it. You may also have to factor in if it's handmade, or only a few are made at a time as well as a bunch of other factors (rare materials, seasonal items, environmental innovations, etc.).

Also a lot of that is factored on the business aspect (having an office, paying employees, paying the electric bill, etc). It ain't cheap to run a business, and this art form is tough for anybody, but it's accessible to everybody. No artist/designer wants to work for free and we all can't walk the streets naked (though some may have tried), so why not try to put our best foot forward and make the world better. Just putting a smile on your own face because you like how you look can change how you view the world and how the world views you. You can't climb a mountain until you take that first step.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this blog post!!! I also hope that I have answered your questions to your liking. I also hope that they were useful. If you have any more questions, just let me know in the comment section or on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay fashionable and sexy!!!!


  1. Taking your advice on belts -- starting over fresh by throwing my worn out, too small, too big belts assorted collection in the trash.

  2. Really good idea for a post, with relevant questions and well explained answers!