Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Punk- Chaos To Couture and Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced

While I was in NYC, I checked out a couple of fashion exhibits that I couldn't wait to see. I checked out the Metropolitan Museum Of Art's Punk- Chaos To Couture and the Museum of New York's Stephen Burrows- When Fashion Danced. I was electrified by one and was slightly disappointed by another. Stephen Burrows electrified me, but the punk exhibit was a slight disappointment.
The reason: It wasn't as punk as you were led to believe. It had all of the punk elements (safety pins, studs, torn pieces), but it looked like the sales floor of Bergdorf Goodman, Sak's Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. The aggression that punk has wasn't there. The Vivienne Westwood pieces were and are tried and true punk as well as the few pieces by Gareth Pugh, and even thought the designer interpretations were interpretations of punk, what was missing was the edge, attitude, toughness.

This particular exhibit seemed whitewashed and watered down. I couldn't even take any pics at this exhibit. The book from the exhibit, provided the edge and attitude, by intermixing the pics of the real punks (Johnny Rotten, Richard Hell, Jordan, Vivienne, Malcolm) with the designer layouts of the other featured designers (Maison Margela, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, etc.).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art did a similar exhibit previously called "Anglomania- Tradition And Transgression in British Fashion". That exhibit had everything that this one lacked. It had all of the toughness and edge that made punk what it was. Even the designer interpretations worked well and propelled punk into the present day. Even though punk is more of a British phenomenon, it did get a hold on American shores and take effect. In America, it was just as chaotic as in England, but it also bore some amazing artists, musicians, designers, etc. All in all, I would recommend checking out the exhibit.
The Stephen Burrows exhibit at the Museum Of New York "When Fashion Danced" was electrifying!!! It was full of color and style!!!! Stephen Burrows is an African American designer from the 70's that designed clothes with movement in mind. He was also the first African American designer to gain international status and a celebrated fashion innovator who helped defined the look of a generation.

Stephen designed easy glamour like Halston and the clothes moved on the body, which was great for dancing at Studio 54, Xenon, or Danceteria. He also made pieces that men and women could wear. No matter what he made, COLOR was always on the forefront, so everything EXPLODED with color, color and more color. I managed to get a few pics of the exhibit. I also suggest checking it out and getting the book!!!! FULL OF COLOR, glamour and easy fashion!!!
I would suggest checking out both exhibits. Both of them were quite inspiring and they are both simply beautiful!!!

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