Monday, 11 July 2011

Berlin Fashion Week: 7/5 - 7/11

This season's Berlin Fashion Week was pretty cool. I didn't get to see any shows, like I did last season, but I made up for it by checking out a lot of showrooms and galleries this time around. I'll be speaking on a few highlights.

One of my first galleries that I checked out was Camera Work (Camera Work-Herb Ritts, Kantstrasse 149, Berlin 10623) for the Herb Ritts exhibit. Herb Ritts is one of my many favorite photographers. His work is simply amazing!!! There were many different photos on display of supermodels (Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Elaine Irwin), actors and actresses (Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Christian Bale, Jack Nicholson) and pop stars (Madonna). My favorite photograph (and I would love to own a print of) is of a blood splattered Christian Bale when he did "American Psycho". It's a little morbid, but it's a pretty awesome pic. The exhibition showed a body of work of a photographer that really connected with his subjects and got the best out of them. Whether it was for his own art projects, album artwork, or a fashion magazine, he manages to showcase his style within the celebrities and models. His photographs are usually the kind of photographs that when you look at them, you know it's him.

The next gallery I checked out was the West Berlin Gallery (West Berlin Gallery- Adidas Slvr, Brunnenstrasse 56, Berlin 13355). This gallery had some amazing artwork sponsored by Adidas Slvr. I went there, expecting to see some out of this world sneakers, but got some amazing artwork on paper, canvas, and even tshirts!!! Adidas never fails to surprise me with their collaborations. All of the artworks there were stand out pieces.

At this point, I was ready to check out some clothes. I've indulged in my arty, gallery side and now i was ready to take on some showrooms. Every showroom I went to had the the kind of set up that i wanted for myself: the front room to show and sell the clothes and the back room to sew and create the pieces.

The first showroom I checked out was Wesen Showroom (Wesen Showroom, Weserstrasse 191, Berlin 12045). The clothes were pretty sharp, casual wear and green. Let's just say that this is some funky street wear!!! The cuts for men and women were cool and slick and by just going through their racks, I got some ideas for my own stuff.

The next showroom I checked out was Widda Berlin (Widda Berlin- Die Modepioniere, Brunnenstrasse 67, Berlin 13355). The clothes here were cool and pretty dramatic in some ways. I love her ideas and a lot of the fabrics she used (silks, leathers) as well as her accessories. Her bags alone make me want to carry a purse. There was a gallery owner/rock star vibe to her clothes. All of the concepts were wearable and would turn heads on the street. I hope to see some edgy men and women in her clothes, even if I'm the only one!!!

Those were just a few places that I've checked out on this Fashion Week. I got a lot of ideas from a lot of the things I saw. I may be incorporating some of them into what I do.

As for the previous sketches that I've done, the pieces are coming along slowly and i still have to do a few more patterns. I've been traveling for a bit, so I'm off of my game a little, but it's all coming together.

During my travels, I got to NYC and checked out the Alexander McQueen- Savage Beauty exhibit. It was breathtaking!!!!! He is the kind of designer I want to be: a little dark, but tongue in cheek. I couldn't begin to describe how AMAZING everything was!!!! The fabrics, the ideas, the drama!!! Simply amazing!!!!

Stay fashionable!!!!

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