Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Catching Up (Visually) With Fashion

While on vacation in Finland, I took some time to check up on my fellow fashion bloggers and other fashion sources to prepare myself for the next phase of creating and designing. I'm always sewing and sketching, but now it's time to take it further. I'm also working in the schedule of doing an entry every day, or every other day. Everything is still in the beginning stages, but I will hit my stride soon enough.

There has been an explosion of Fall/Winter fashion being shown lately as well as some interesting Spring/Summer fashion. I've been stockpiling many fashion layouts and look books that have caught my attention. I've got them from some of the designer websites as well as from my fellow bloggers. I'll showcase and speak on a few now. Most of these pics are on my Facebook page. These are fashion layouts that are inspiring me and giving me the direction where I want to go.

The first is a layout from "Schon Magazine". I got this from one of my favorite photography blogs, Homotography. It stars one of my favorite models of the moment, Leebo Freeman. The reason why I like this layout is because of the amazing clothes and the bold colors. I am especially in love with the spiked purple leather jacket and the crystal encrusted eye patch. The whole look of this particular shoot appeals to my glam rock side of myself. I'm a sucker for a glam rock or a punk look, so anything studded or encrusted gets my attention.

I haven't posted the whole layout, but these are my favorite pics.

The next set of pics are of the Gilt/Lady Gaga campaign. It was styled by Nicola Formischetti. He is the creative director for Thierry Mugler. I LOVE his vision. This layout also stars another favorite model of the moment, Eric Puzio. I particularly like this shoot because of the edginess that Eric brings because of his unique look and the unconventional featuring of the clothes (i.e. Eric in an asymetric dress with a purse and slouchy boots with all of his piercings). It's attention grabbing, but everything works here!!!

Also, Eric is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

The last set of pics are from "Chaos Magazine". This layout features another favorite model of the moment, Dan Felton. This shoot is TOTALLY up my alley and is pretty much in the direction where I want to go with some of my designs.

I have taken all of these pics from Homotography and NewMaleFashion. I thank them both for posting them and giving me countless ideas for my creations.

Stay Fashionable!!!!!!

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  1. I like your inspiration....it's like Jean Paul Gaultier & Ziggy Stardust had a lovechild.